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The League

Fighting, Battle, Unlimited Character Creation, Arena, Killing, Combat

Tags: Combat, Fight, Fighting, Arena, Roleplay

Santhor Shin Public 407 20
Dungeons and Dragons Gamers Of Gaia pooguyforever Private 11,496 442
Heaven's Do or Die : Legends of the Arena

This is a Role playing guild.

Tags: Roleplay, Magic

neojumex Public 400 42
The Hunger Games: Tribute Stories

This is a role play that revolves around the Hunger Games, but doesn't follow the books.

Tags: Hunger Games, Tribute, Stories, Arena, Survival

His Masters Dance Public 1,064 20
The Elite AT

Think you're an Avatar Elite? Do you think you're skilled at Gaia fashion? Join The Elite AT and put it to the test!

Tags: Avatar Talk, Dressing Room, Tektek, Fashion, Amensu Saje

iAmensu Saje Private 1,827 142
*~Soul Rift Academy~*

We are Death, revenge, Soul, Rift, Academy, Life, School, Demon, Reaper, Angel, witch, warlock, Vampire, Werewolf, Horror, Magic, Blood

Tags: Reaper, Death, Academy, Magic, Blood

X Black Blooded Demon X Public 1,083 14
Tournament: LANZE!

Tournament Episode : [1]

Strenx Public 154 50

The dark Evils of Society, A city Ruled by fear and commanded by cruelty. Beware.

Tags: Slaves, Masters, Dark, Political, Roleplay

XNuixaXSlaveXHeartX Public 149 17
The Clans of Tarot

A revolution into an age of war between the Lady of the Fallen and the Lord of Raidengard.

Tags: Anime, Clans, D and D battle system, Medieval, Knights and Warriors

Domina de Aqua Public 4 1
~The Elder Scrolls~

A Elder Scrolls based guild,Have fun!

Tags: Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim

Arkham Knight Public 4 1
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