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Temper thy weapon in the flame of your dreams

Tags: Granzcalibur, Sword, Magic, Mage, Fantasy

Cerinea Private 1,364 16
Utena Vs The Host Queen~

Utena Has Returned along with some new friends But Now there is this woman, Chigusa, Who hates the student Council. How will Utena Survive?

Tags: Utena, roleplaying

Pumpkin Reina Public 13,531 14

Arena centric guild of avant garde variety.

Tags: avatar, arena, original, cosplay, friends

Lady_Eldae Public 143 14
The Heroes and Villains Guild

Role Play as either a Hero or a Villian!

Tags: Role Play, Super Heroes, Super Villians, Role playing, Gaia

Randy Jenkins Private 24,092 10
Planeswalker Arena

Come Role-Play Magic: The Gathering With Us!

Tags: Magic: The Gathering, Planeswalkers, Role Playing

Pristine Lotus Public 208 60
Rockers Unite


Tags: rock, rocker, music, slash, bands

Dopest_lee Public 21 47
The Third Empire: An Elder Scrolls RP Guild

This is a guild based around The Elder Scrolls game series.

Tags: Elder Scrolls, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim

Prince Aegon Targaryen VI Public 597 24
Infinite Aeon

The Ultimate Battle Royale, be prepared for the fight of your life!

Tags: Roleplay, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Anime, Action

Tal of Kinglore Public 82 4
Howlax School of Deep Mysteries

A school that excepts every type of Race and gender. A school where you can use your powers to the extent.

Tags: Role playing, Magic, School, Deepness, Mysteries

Fin Hein Public 63 3

Leto is a guild for active artists and patrons to increase business. Our goal is to improve the quality of the Gaian art trade.

Tags: Leto, contest, promotion, patron

Deutzia Private 13 1
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