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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
A Random Poll Guild

We're a fun loving poll guild who enjoys random things, good people, and awesomeness in general.

Tags: Random, Polls, Discussion, Friendly, Variety

Luciferian_Depression Private 34,331 1,419

An RPing guild for those who need a break! and need some magic and strange creatures in there life

Tags: role play, fighting, Magic, action, furry

lone wolf 9000 Public 12,579 5
What is love? {academy RP} (all love is welcome)

boyxboy,girlxgirl, teacherxstudent, girlxboy. All are accepted and more.

Tags: romance, yuri, yaoi, love, academy

Nikki Clearwater Public 3,393 116
A yuri Rp guild

This is a guild for those that like lesbian or yuri rps.

Tags: Yuri, Roleplay, Fantasy, Slave & Master, Freedom

The First Cursed Public 40 8
Dragon's Guild

The Dragon's Guild Is a guild dedicated to gamers on gaia, whether it be casual or competitive players everyone is accepted

Tags: Titans, xbox, PlayStation, Steam, gaming

Dragosuar Private 34 36
Divinity (The Gorgeous & Delicious)

We're simple people. Who like complicated stuff that we think we can handle. c; We want peace and happiness throughout the guilds though...

Tags: Divine, Chill

DIS K A Y Y Public 10 31
Who Cares What People Say.

This guild is about what other people say about you that they hate you or some other shitt

Tags: Don't Care, True, Friends, Middle Finger, Whatever Else

Just W a f f l e s Please Public 17 15
Written Mayhem x o Nightmarium Private 2,011 16
MekaMeka Dan

A fanbase guild to Mekakucity Actors or Kagerou Project

Tags: Kagerou Project, Mekakucity Actors, Fanbase, Roleplay, Mekakushi Dan

Kanrah Public 11 17
Anime Dream University 2.0

A reboot of Anime Dream University

Tags: college, monsters, school, anime, role play

soulreaperkira13 Public 44 10
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