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The Court Guard 13 Clan

A guild based on Bleach where Arrancers, Vizzards, and Shinigami can RP!

Tags: bleach, roleplay, anime, shinigami, soul society

Kisu3 Public 29,044 22
Air Gear: Genesis

Where all air gear fans can come together

Tags: Anime, Manga, Air Gear, Polls, Air Trick

Micky Yuchan Public 188 135
Naruto: End of Fate (Closed)

Naruto-based RP. No Canon characters. Altered timeline and storyline.

Tags: Naruto, Ninja, Shinobi, Roleplay, Literate

Xzaro Private 4,796 214
For the Fallen ones

This guild is for the fallen angels and demons out there that have the urge to chat and rp.

Tags: anime, angel, demon, romance, horror

TheNuetrality Private 1,088 2
Appleseed: Data Breach

It is up to ES.W.A.T. to protect Olympus again.

Tags: Appleseed, Army, Cyborg, Anime, Manga

Lady Black Lycan Public 227 6
Otoshimono Forte Guild

Hey there fans of Sora no Otoshimono!

Tags: sora no otoshimono, ikaros, tomoki, nymph, angeloid

-KittyHawk5- Public 79 31
Otaku Angels

Haven for the masses.

Tags: support, angel, real life, reality, role playing

KachiMurinu Private 125 5

A guild all about Ninjas and Samurai.

Tags: ninja, samurai, roleplaying

l-Honey Senpai-l Public 204 46
ANIME! The Club.

This is the place to talk about your favorite anime, manga, and cosplays! Have fun!

Tags: Anime, attack on titan, black butler, manga, cosplay

DarkStormClouds Public 23 19
Anime/manga the elite club

Tags: anime, fave, game, chat

-laurel_the_faerie- Public 241 22
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