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The Sailor Moon Guild

A guild for those who love Sailor Moon. (Big Fourum RP needs more players).

Tags: Sailor moon, Moon, Roleplay, Anime, Manga

O n y x Public 32,886 5,865
Draw a Circle, That's the Earth (A Hetalia Guild)

A place to discuss everything Hetalia.

Tags: Hetalia, Anime, Webcomic, Discussion, Cosplay

Level Max Public 104 31
unTouchable AnImE

welcome to this dark little guild

Tags: random, anime, manga, role playing, master/slave ,

souleater0123 Private 184 11
Imperial Anime Recommendations

This guild has the ultimate anime recommendations list and is completely user run.

Tags: Anime, Manga, List, Recommendations, Random

Empress Palpatine Private 2,255 46
Gaia Lovers of Floirda

Welcome To The GLF!

Tags: Florida, Anime, Manga, Friends, Lover

CutieEmoGirlKiralin Public 262 68
Otaku Guild.

Welcome Fellow Otaku of all kinds to this Amazing guild.

Tags: Otaku, Anime, Manga, Role Playing, Friends

Illumia Sarrow Public 23 3
OHSHC,Naruto,Hetalia,and Black Butler(anime and vocaloid)

this is my first guild so,it might not be good.this is a guild where you can do anything.

Tags: Black Butler, Naruto, Ouran Host Club, Hetalia, Vocaloid

Sunshine Uchiha13 Public 372 60

Whatever ................................

Tags: anime, manga, music

Lorinthos Public 3 10
Our World ((Role Play))

Thinking of you werever you are. We pray for our Sorrows to end. Now I will step forward to realize this wish.

Tags: Role Play, Yaoi, Yuri, battle, open

zanegrey0ctober Public 4 1
RP MainFrame

You love to Role Play? Here you create it and let it go.

Tags: Anime, Manga, Fantasy, Games, Dungeons and Dragons

Jigarude Public 2 2
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