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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Atarashii Shinobi Jidai (AU) UC

Non-canon based, AU Naruto Shinobi Literate RP guild. The world is loosely based off of the Anime/Manga Naruto. Under construction

Tags: Naruto, Literate, Non-Canon, Ninja, Shinobi

Asyndeton Narrative Private 3,410 5
~~Angels and Dragons~~

Ancient angels, demons, elves and rogues in a roleplaying adventure, the plots tied within each other.

Tags: angels, dragons, elves, rogues, medieval

Asigna Public 5,740 23
Anarchy Drowns

A RP that should be semi lit and just pure fun/anarchy.

Tags: role-play, anarchy

The Final Weirdo Public 26 4
Gaia's Guild of Calamitous Intent

We are on a quest. We shall reign down on Gaia. Your personal Hell. We are, the one and only, the greatest there ever was// will be, G.C.I.

Tags: Evil, World Domination, Dementia, Destruction, Chaos// Anarchy

purest poison Private 1,027 12
Anarchy Nation

100% Punk Guild

Tags: Punk, Rock, Green Day, Rise Against, Anarchy

Dan Smith The Hellion Public 31 10
The Knights' Axis of Anarchy

We are the l33t. We answer to none but the divine 42 itself. We know the secrets you have been searching for.

Tags: The Guild, Knights, Anarchy

AlvitrValkyrie Public 15 3
Liberty of Anarchy

Liberty of Anarchy is a guild directed tword informing and pursuading people about the Communist-Anarchy agenda.

Tags: Communism, Anarchy, Politics, People, Working Class

Mikachuuuuuuu Private 7 1
The Idiots

This is a guild that's 100% punk and only punk

Tags: Punk, Anarchy, Idiot, Music

Multi-Incarnate Hero Public 8 6
Tales of the Unending War [Semi-Lit to Lit.]


Tags: Roleplay, Fantasy, Medieval

Ceric Leox Private 26 22
Chaos Nation

we run this bit**

Tags: fight, politics, anarchy, death, life

Captain Cambiaj Public 5 8
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