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Naruto: True Beginnings

"With a single step the underdog will become the savior." Shinobi 3:16 ~ Join us and become our Savior.

Tags: Naruto, Demons, Akatsuki, Anime, Shinobi

Kunesume2 Public 14,363 185
Naruto: The Divine Wind [ACCEPTING MEMBERS!!!]

A Naruto RP where you are in control of who you are, who you will become and... what side your on...

Tags: Naruto, Role play, action, Akatsuki, Semi-literate

Henin Public 3,143 46
Under Construction - Coming Soon Kedokitoto Public 2,090 8
Naruto: Shinobi of the Next Generation

Tags: Naruto, Ninja

Eimei Public 743 8

Tags: Role Play, D20 System

am-rain Public 4,640 22
Naruto: Rise of the Hitorigami (Under Reconstruction)

A century after the final battle between Tobi and Naruto Uzumaki, war has begun to rage again. The Fifth Great Shinobi War

Tags: Naruto, Jutsu, Ninja, Uchiha, Akatsuki

Nakata Ishimaru Public 799 22
Naruto : Generation X Now Open

Help out

Tags: Azuniblood, Naruto, Nerdy Ninja18, Generation X, Ninja

Kirademonhunter Private 223 5
Akatsuki life

Ever onder what happens at akatsuki base? find out!

Tags: animals, akatsuki, fight, roleplay, funny

Sterling-Raven16 Private 6,435 13
Naruto: The Way of Shinobi

A Naruto guild based off creativity. Almost everything is customizable and you can create your own characters.

Tags: Naruto, Sasuke, Ninja, Roleplay, Magic

Mogaar Public 607 15
Naruto: Dawn of the 5th War(Under Construction/Accepting)

This guild is or those that wish to have fun rping as oc naruto charas :)

Tags: Naruto, Wars, RolePlay, Shinobi, Konoha

Uber Shoono Public 1,072 26
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