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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Under Construction - Coming Soon Kedokitoto Public 2,090 8
Naruto: Shinobi of the Next Generation

Tags: Naruto, Ninja

Eimei Public 743 8
Akatsuki RP

hang out and Roleplay about the akatsuki 150 years in the future

Tags: roleplay, naruto, akatsuki, anime

Shion-The-Demon Public 6,203 49
Naruto: We rise again!

This is a Naruto role play based after many genterations after the cannons all are gone.

Tags: Naruto, Shinobi, 7 swordsmen, Akasuki, Ninja

Ryan The Insane Public 2,279 7
Naruto vs Bleach

Naruto vs Bleach Rp Guild

Tags: Fantasy, Role Playing, Anime

Devil X Trigger Private 483 3

Tags: Role Play, D20 System

am-rain Public 4,640 22
Naruto: Rise of the Hitorigami (Under Reconstruction)

A century after the final battle between Tobi and Naruto Uzumaki, war has begun to rage again. The Fifth Great Shinobi War

Tags: Naruto, Jutsu, Ninja, Uchiha, Akatsuki

Nakata Ishimaru Public 799 21
Akatsuki Organization - Join us or perish

This guild is currently under construction.

Tags: Akatsuki, Role Playing, Naruto, Cosplay, Kakuzu

KakuzuV1 Public 3,812 10
The Naruto Nations

For all you Naruto fans who cant find the right guild

Tags: Naruto

-Deadman- Snow Owl Public 94 3
Naruto: Dawn of the 5th War(Under Construction/Accepting)

This guild is or those that wish to have fun rping as oc naruto charas :)

Tags: Naruto, Wars, RolePlay, Shinobi, Konoha

Uber Shoono Public 1,072 25
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