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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Templar Corps

Guild for hardcore gamers.

Tags: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii

Musical Anarchy Public 48 9
The Gamer's Network

Discussion and RP

Tags: Video, Game, Discussion, Role, Play

Reaver428 Private 1,946 8

Gaming Guild

Tags: Gaming, Clan

gamer FMS Public 5 7
Halo:Reach Role Playing

Roleplaying for anyone who wants to be part of the climax of the the Human-Covenant War

Tags: Halo, Halo Reach, Remember Reach, Role Playing, Xbox 360

Matt Bissett Public 468 33
Gamers Inc.

Gaming Guild to help others learn, show their knowledge, and just have fun talking to others.

Tags: Gaming, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Conversation

A TOXIC JUJUBE Public 125 27
DARK SOULS, Prepare to die

Dark Souls guild, share helpful advice and tips with fellow undead

Tags: Dark Souls, Xbox 360, Playstation 3

Deathgod of Legend Public 337 4
Fallout: New York

Tags: Fallout, Role Playing, Xbox360, Apocalypse

Oncaro Private 494 4
.:: The Gamers Guild ::.

Come in, sit here and have a drink... I mean... a chat. About your favorite game.

Tags: computer, xbox360, play station, games, gaming

Otaku Eva LT Public 294 77
The CPL Clan

we are a clan from halo: Reach on Xbox and MW3

Strange Weed Public 2 2
Dragon's Dogma Gathering

All Dragon's Dogma Arisens and Fans welcome, here you can discuss tactics, updates & trades.

Tags: Dragons, Dogma, playstation, xbox, capcom

I_Kodiak_I Public 4 2
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