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~Azure Sky~

Zero's Friendly Guild where you can chat, Roleplay, meet up, Booty grab, and so much else!

Tags: Village, ~Azure Sky~, Tetsugen, TemperatureZero, Sweet Koakuma

WannaMinaj Public 879 41
Rainbow Madness xD

Friends, lovers, sexualities, interesting people to give n get support, chill, talk, roleplay, flirt, giveaways, anime, music, & tonz more!

Tags: Love, Roleplay, Anime, Sexy, Random

Mieukuu Private 462 26
Halo Guild Evolved Lord_Falcore Private 12,423 1,449

For the Emperor!

Tags: Tragthro, Tragology

Tragthro Public 110 1
Assassin Revelation

Fun RP guild, though RPing isn't all we do...

Tags: creed, playstation, anime, roleplay, assassin's

Gleaceon Public 1,583 47
The Minecraft Roleplayers Guild

Your one stop spot for the minecraft player's place to roleplay outside of the game.

Tags: Minecraft, Community, Roleplaying, Informative, Gaming

TheTravelingZombie Public 12 13
Battlefield 3

for the people who like the game battlefield 3

Tags: battlefield 3, Playstation 3, XBOX 360, personal computer, shooter

riesepies_NL Public 246 83

this is a guild were u get news for Playstation

Tags: Consouls, game, Playstation, xbox, Computer

Scorpion_CJ TAYLOR 56 Public 2 5

XBOX LIVE members gather here in harmony.

Tags: XBOX LIVE, GOLD MEMBER, Call of Duty, Halo, Minecraft

Pandora Riddlebox Public 6 4
Happy Wars

A Guild dedicated to Great Teamwork on the XBLA Happy Wars

Tags: Happy Wars, XBox, XBLA, Teamwork, Free

ErementaruKoori Private 16 11
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