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CWL - Chaotic Wrestling League

Welcome To The Chaos Realm, allow us to bring into your mind new creations the likes of which you may never see again!

Tags: Puroresu, Wrestling, Lucha Libre, Role Play

Kid_Omega91 Private 7,390 37
University of the Forgotten

This is an university for all of the things that humans have forgotten.

Tags: Roleplay, University/college, The supernatural

Cute Bunny Neko Public 1,632 29
The Other Hundred Years War

An alternate history RP guild set in 2051.

Tags: WWII, Alternate History, Cold War, Futuristic, Frontline

Generic Infantry Public 80 7
G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Command

The war has contiued for years now it's your time to choose a side and fight for what you believe.

Tags: G.I. Joe, Army, Cobra

Master Icefyre Public 7 5
The Temple of the Sun

A fortified temple devoted to the gods of stars and suns

Sunsworn Public 188 8
Mighty Gamer Girls

For girls with an interest in gaming.

Tags: Gamers, Girls, Video Games, Steam, Xbox

Farzine Public 25 3
Scripto Romantique

Parts of this guild are still under construction - Bear with us for a while people.

Tags: Advanced, Literate, Elite, scripto romantique

windy - b e l l s_ Private 1,540 23
The 47+ Ronin

A guild for all things samurai/ninja/Japan.

Tags: Ronin, samurai, ninja, Japan, bushido

Ronin Gear Private 838 70
Midnight valley

Old western roleplay...with a bit of a twist

Tags: Western, Cowboy, Romance, Vampire, Werewolf

Samuel Keaton Public 2,857 20
Sisters of Desire

Desire is the name of our game

Tags: Desire, Sexy, Sisters, Girls, Love

IIHakubiII Public 299 9
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