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Wolves of The Outermost

A world where only four different wolf packs fight for survival, and one kingdom that stands before the wolf pack.

Tags: Wolves, Roleplaying, Fighting, Allies, Humans

Hellen_Swords_Woman Public 1,033 17
Tender Wolf

it's like a paradise

Tags: wolf, asian, games, movies, hang out

Miles the name Private 72 7
Rise of the Aerodecka

Read Below

Tags: wolf, vampire, witch, adventure, romance

Faola Nightcore Public 13 8
Royalty Wolf Clan

Not for the weak

British Banyez Public 1 7
Invictus City

An Unconquerable City That Needs To Be Conquered.

Tags: Roleplay, Vampires, Thieves, Wolves, Demons

MichiokoXIII Public 43,279 176
Dark Elf Sanctuary & Tavern (Rp)

A Sanctuary to Rp and convers.

Tags: Dark Elf, Role Play, War of the Races, Tavern, Familial

Fearless Demon child Private 1,877 5
SliverStone Wolf pack {Now Open}

Wolf lovers who wish to be with their own... ^__^

Tags: Romance, Wolves, Nature, Life, Forest

The Godess Ice Fox Public 419 13
Pack of the Black Moon

Tags: Wolves, Roleplay, Fighting, Loyalty

Paradise Wolf Blue Public 597 22
Throne of Wolves

A wolf RPing guild!

Tags: Wolves, RPing, Role Play, Wolf

ZannieShadowz Public 85 16
Choas in world with Unbalanced relations.

Tale of a forbidden love between Darkness and light.

Tags: Darkness, Light, Royalty, Lycans, Fantasy

SoushiMiketsukami2012 Public 4 1
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