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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
A Hero's Fable

Join the World of fantasy and adventure in this massive world full of danger and Villains!

Tags: Fable, hero, anime, kingdom, fantasy

Ryuu sky Public 234 23
Teen Wolf: The Wolf needs the Fox

When Noshiko Yukimura can't take down the Nogitsune she calls forth for other Kitsunes to help end the chaos in Beacon Hills.

Tags: Teen Wolf, Kitsune, Supernatural, Beacon Hills, Romance

Roshyxwoshy Public 8 1
Wrong End Of The Bat: A Zombie RP Guild ((U//C))

Using your own survival knowledge, can you survive the beginning of the end?

Tags: Zombies, Roleplay, Survival, Under construction

Rangalord Public 23 4
pachyrhinosaurus herd

We run like a wolf pack except. One gender is the top alpha then there mate is lower but higher than everyone else.

Tags: Cows, Mooo, werecows, flamecmdr, wolves

FlameSenpai The Twisted Public 2 9
This Means War! Maxilla Tepes Public 240 5
Forgotten Memories: A Wolf Rp

An elemental wolf rp about a species of wolves capable of a human form.

Tags: Wolf, Magic, Demon, Pack, Alliance

Sanukuni Private 27 1
Wolves: Seperate worlds

A roleplay forums for both humans & wolves

Tags: Wolf, Wolves, Roleplay, Human, Lunar

Lunarmoon_94 Public 14 3
Angels, Demons, Wolves Oh my!

A role-play guild for everybody to explore the exciting guild!

Tags: Role Play, Fantasy, Action, Love

If_YOU_only_new_ME Public 110 10
The Wolves of War

All Wolves, Battle Wolves, We all fight all for one and one for all. We are the Guardians of the Realms. Elite Soldier Wolves.

Tags: Wolf, Roleplay, Elite, Guardian, Animated

Slavin Novaken Public 6 7
Lunester Pack

A Wolf pack that has survived in the forest for generations

Tags: Wolves, Family

Baal Karma Private 27 3
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