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The National Wolf Society (NWS)

This is a group made for all wolves/werewolves/foxes to come together in peace.

Tags: Society, Epicness, Cookies, FullMoon, Wolf

King William de Frost Public 256 211
Summer Stories: A Fantasy Guild

Rp for animals and fantasy creatures, including elves, vampires and werewolves.

Tags: animals, wolves, vampires, foxes, lycans / werewolves

sad Smartcat Private 8,925 19
Warrior: Beginning of the New

This is a warrior cats guild, where, of course, anyone that like the warriors cats serries can roleplay and continu on the profecy.

Tags: Warriors Cats, Wolves, Erin Hunter, Role Play, Clan

Lil_Angel_D Public 1,075 42
V. Grey Wolves 1st Rank

Veterans in the best Rank

Tags: Activities, Interest Based, Community, Moderated, Jobs

Grey Cross Public 4 1
☾ The Sanctum ☽

A Fantasy Roleplaying guild

Tags: Wolves, the sanctum, fantasy, roleplay, Wolf Pack

Faerel Public 110 16
Yuki no ōkami (Wolves of Winter)

The wolf pack where no one is left behind...

Tags: Wolves, Roleplay, Love, Loyalty, Gentle

Ryu Nerith Public 11 9
Astai: Return of the Lost Pup (( under construction ))

Third of the Wolf Empire of Astai, the wolves got used to thier new form of life....but what happens when the missing pup is found ..as well

Tags: Stardust, Astai pack, wolves, magic wolves, Empire

Faola Nightcore Private 17 4
Heart Of The Wolves

A guild for those who love the wolves and wish to form a pack.

Tags: wolves, Role play, friends, hangout

Mintaholic_Traps Public 2 4
Dragon wolf Guild

Role plays amonst friends in real life

Tags: wolves, wolf, role playing, random, friends

Sterling Nova Starlight Private 6 5
The Rise against Death((A wolf rp O/A))

elemental wolves join together to defeat the dark wolf's army.

Tags: wolf, roleplay, elemental, death, life

Lustful Mark Public 3 1
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