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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Academy of the Werewolves

Roleplaying as werewolves and possibly other creatures

Tags: Werewolves, Academy, Vampires, Humans

Xela the Vampire Public 3,375 20
The Chaos Chronicles

North - Werewolf, South - Demon, East - Vampire, West - Angel

Tags: Werewolves/ Lycans, Demons, Vampires, Angels, Fantasy

darkiscool2 Private 4,995 64

A guild for the wolf-based B/C shop: Amarok.

Tags: Wolf, Wolves, Roleplay, Breedable, Amarok

aniu amarok Public 326 21
Wolves Of Legend


Tags: werewolves, one with wolves, roleplayer, In the pack, Furry

Mrbloodwolf Public 529 33
Crimson Moon : Wolf Roleplay

RP for wolves, foxes, hybrids, and shapeshifters

Tags: Role Play, Canines, Wolves, Fantasy, Pack

s k y e w o I f Private 131 30
pack vs pride

Hello and welcome to the great battle of the lions and wolves

Tags: Battle, Wolves, Lions, roleplaying, Adventure

alex123me Public 4,604 82
The Avalik Wolf Pack

Wolf Role Play

Tags: Wolf, Pack, Mates, Role Playing, Public

Mnchlx69Lrd Public 4,980 35
Wolf Wars

A place for people who like wolves, role-playing wolves, and would like to join a pack.

Tags: Wolf, battle/ magic, wolves, Role Playing, swords

Loiiypop-chan Private 717 3
The Rise against Death((A wolf rp O/A))

elemental wolves join together to defeat the dark wolf's army.

Tags: wolf, roleplay, elemental, death, life

Lustful Mark Public 3 1

They are Bloodthirsty. They have a reputation for killing and lapping up blood (I choose your name and rank. Deal with it)

Tags: Wolves, Black, Blood, Alliance, Pack

Sunset de Rosa Public 1 3
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