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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Legends of the Mystics RPG

A place of creatures from every corner of the globe! There is mystery and adventure awaitig those who join!!

Tags: Wolf, Vampire, Werewolf, Mystics, Role playing

the gypsy vielle Public 21,556 14
♔ Kingdom Hearts: The Rejected Souls

We're all mad here. (And rejected.)

Tags: kingdom hearts, kingdom, hearts, sora

hahley quinn Private 17,085 16
Shade Acres

Coming Soon

Tags: Witches, Vampires, Were-Beasts, Supernatural, Magic

Agent Aimee Private 12 3
World Wizarding Academy

A crossover between Harry Potter and Hetalia. This is an AU RP which means they are not nations.

Tags: Hetalia, Harry Potter, Magic, School, Cross-over

Mionna Public 2,624 15
Van Sylva Arda A Faern (Open and Accepting)

Silver Forest Realm of Magic~ A place where races coexist. An RP guild

Tags: fantasy, roleplay, wild, magic

Bloody Rosen Knight Private 276 17
Soul Eater: Path of the Warrior and the Demon

Where Meisters and Weapons unite and Kishin make chaos. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Tags: Soul Eater, Anime, School, Semi-Literate, Manga

garradeluxe Private 3,411 46
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Tides of Change

A modern day Harry Potter/Hogwarts RP

Tags: Harry Potter, Witches, Wizards, Fantasy, Adventure

xCynique Public 1,227 5
Academy of Magical Arts

Confused on what you are? Confused how to control your magic? This is the place for you

Tags: magic, elements, witches, reapers, vampires

KellarRedfield Public 18 5
Art'Under'Dog's and Newbis


Tags: art's, seling, buying, contest, under dog

Vip Storm Public 6 8
strike the blood and soul eater fanclub/roleplay

just role playing and fantalk, fan characters are allowed when roleplaying.

Tags: soul eater, role play, fan chat, strike the blood, ships!!!!(not the sailing kind! o////o)

47bfy34cb 43h9vtb3y Public 2 2
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