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To Do All Which I Can: A World Without Fighting

A Strike Witches Roleplay

Tags: Strike Witches, Military, Neuroi, Roleplay, Anime/Light Novel

Saito The Azure Private 3,620 8
ϨφҽɬɬҫɑʂϮҽɾ Ѧҫɑδҽɱҹ

Tags: Spellcaster, Academy, Witch, Wizard

Original Alice Cullen Private 1,319 1
✿ puella magi: SYMPHONY PROJECT

A B/C based around the anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Messenger of Magic Public 2,359 94
Hero of Myths

A roleplaying guild, for all to injoy.

Tags: Magic, Hero, Myth, Role

dougy77 Public 42 6
Ember Academy (Under New Construction)

Looks like a normal gothic academy, but inside lies unburied secrets of the Paranormal...

Tags: Gothic, Academy, Paranormal, Gifted, Vampires, Werewolves, witches

ThyKingZero Public 1,093 3
Soul Eater: Gen. X

The academy still fights to claim souls.

Tags: Souls, Weapons, Meisters, Kishin Eggs, Witches

TunaDishCosplayer Private 24 4
Immortalia: A Role Play Guild

The town of Immortalia is a place for all different kinds of creatures to meet and co-exist.

Tags: supernatural, fantasy, school, magic, role play

Xx_StrangeDemon_xX Public 1,208 30
† Ill met by Moonlight †

Walk among the cursed and the damned here in Ill met by the Moonlight.

Tags: Vampire

Artemis Frey Private 38 4
αcα∂єму σƒ мαgιcαℓ αятѕ ƒσя ѕυρєяηαтυяαℓ ιη∂ινι∂υαℓѕ

An academy for the supernatural in search of power and the study of magic.

Tags: Romance, Witches, Vampires, Wizards, Drama

xSayurixx Public 225 12
The ying yang alliance Manic34 Public 2 4
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