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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Fabulosum Bestiis - School for Mythics

A school for all humanoid mythical creatures.

Tags: school, mythical beings, literate, werewolf, vampire

JasperSethK Public 6,917 89
Pokemon: GX [Closed/Dead]

A new era of Pokemon Trainers has been brought in, starting their journey on a new region, the Adamas region.

Tags: Pokemon

Angel of Hollowness Private 1,331 20

The legend behind the Lost Ocean

Exquisite Vintage Private 1,547 4
Darkened Waters

Open to anyone who wants a place to relax :)

Tags: Family, Roleplay

Lady Ariknovia Private 14 3
To Do All Which I Can: A World Without Fighting

A Strike Witches Roleplay

Tags: Strike Witches, Military, Neuroi, Roleplay, Anime/Light Novel

Saito The Azure Private 3,620 8
Rise of Legends

in construction

Tags: epic, romance, magic, fight, sword

PartyMonk1 Public 66 6
Kitty kat district


Tags: Hunt for food, Survive to live, Live just stay alive, Gather gather water, Eat eat food to live

Pikemena diane pie Public 2 2

A post-apocalyptic setting where you try to survive this is NOT A ZOMBIE RP.

Tags: post apocalypse, survival, action

Ageha-MCD-BloodLover Public 4 1

An RP based on a novel I was thinking of writing.

Exquisite Vintage Private 28 5

Long before people used cards to play games, they were used to foretell the future. In fact, playing cards were invented for divination purp

Tags: Cards, Arts, drawing, divination, wings

- angelic hanael - Private 22 6
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