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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
City of the Cursed Ones

A guild for Humans, Elves, Vampires, Werewolves, Angels and Demons to come together.

Tags: vampire, elves, werewolf, roleplay

the soul isnt so vibrant Public 1,822 11
The Broken Moon

Come join our entire world of fantasy! Needs members!

Tags: roleplay, fantasy, world, werewolf, vampire

ZaquiHunts Public 19,226 75
Legends of the Mystics RPG

A place of creatures from every corner of the globe! There is mystery and adventure awaitig those who join!!

Tags: Wolf, Vampire, Werewolf, Mystics, Role playing

the gypsy vielle Public 21,556 13
Exiled Nation: Prelude (Under Construction)

Exiled Nation is a roleplay guild were almost anything goes. Were your participation in the arcs change the guild forever.

Tags: Fantasy, Adventure, Arc Driven Sandbox, Steam Punk, Roleplay

DGwar Private 1,549 43
rosario + vampire Tsukune's fight

it is everyday life for tsukune other then he is a human in a vampire school...

Demon_slayerdante2028 Public 1,710 109
Red Moon Vampire Clan

Were real life gaia vampires can come and talk. Werewolf, humans, blood donor my come join if they keep the peace.

Tags: vampire, blood, sanguinarian, clan, werewolf

gaybunnyoflove Public 254 51
A Tale of Thunder and Lightning

A Tale of Courage, Bravery, War, Loss, Devastation, and Hope. A Tale of Thunder and Lightning is a guild based on many different races.

Tags: Vampire, demon, elvian, werewolf, human

Ayperos Only Public 3,111 137
Lilith's Descendants

A vampire and werewolf roleplay guild. Semi-literate to literate only! :)

Tags: Fantasy, Werewolves, Vampires, Romance, Semi-literate Guild

Xx1Skull_Rainbows1xX Public 54 13
Interspecies Protection Act

A Monster-Human Roleplay

Tags: Monster, Vampire, Mermaids, Dragons, Werewolves

Kagimaru Jared Private 498 2
After Dark Role Play

Tags: Literate, dark, demons, vampires, werewolves

Prettyasuka Public 117 9
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