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Regardless of what you are , as long as you have Fangs !! Join us now !!

Tags: Fangs, Vampire, Demon, Werewolf, Enterainment

Black Succubus Private 3,250 524
✰Pas†el's R♡le Play Tree H♡use

Welcome to Pastel's, we welcome yaoi, yuri, furry, fandom, origional, master x slave, and more! (Mostly Yaoi)

Tags: yaoi,yuri,romance,master,slave,love, wolf,horse,pony,equine,furry,high school, college,cafe,drama,mystery,bondage, monster,slime,contest,gold,boylove,shota, bara,vampire,werewolf,roleplay,rp

the gothic beauty 2 Private 4,764 66
Lunar Academy

Welcome to Lunar Academy a school for all magical races.

Tags: Academy, Werewolf, Vampire, Demon, Alchemy

Krazy Kuni Public 819 23
*~*Role-Play Insanity*~*

This is a dream spot for Role~plays.We have many group RP's going and you can create your own group and 1x1 Rp. Creativeness is needed!

Tags: Dream Amazing, Everything Epic, Zombies Superheros, Vampires Clans, Werewolves Fighting

truelycreative Private 47 5
Bloody Coven and Pack Realm

What happens when Coven and Pack are put together?

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf, Mythical Creatures, Factions, Romance / Fighting

YinYangBeasty Private 10 2
Jackson University of The Milky Way

Come to a school where everyone is someone and You can be anybody.

Cpt Killian Jones Public 51 4
Jikan no Nagare

A vampire, human, hunter, and werewolf roleplay. Opened on 1/1/13

Tags: vampires, werewolves, hunters, humans, roleplay

Restricted Evidence Public 2,667 2
The Never Ending Blossom (open)

Open Supernatural Roleplay, all species welcome.

Tags: Roleplay, Vampire, Werewolf, Original Characters, Supernatural

Banana Sluggles Private 1,570 22
The Night Rose Pack

This is a werewolf RP pack, but although this is mainly for RP, we do have discussion section along with contests and such.

Tags: Wolf, RolePlay, Werewolf, Romance, Vampire

Em Lenore Public 136 7
Vampires V. Lycans

The Future of the races are yours to decide

Tags: school, vampire, fight, Anime, role play

Lady Kasxia Public 23,237 608
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