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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
MidnighRose Academy

Role playing with action, Fight to the finish and fall in love...

Tags: Roleplaying, Myth, Academy, Rose, Fighting

Angel of Hollowness Public 8,038 28

Home of any original story/roleplaying ideas, open to all

Tags: original, legends

Asigna Public 2,643 24
Til My Blood Runs Black

A romance role play

Tags: Romance, Random, Creatures of the night, Vampire

XxLiftedxLovexX Private 256 8
Daily Drama

A Guild Dedicated To Life's Unavoidable Dramas

Tags: Life, Drama, Creative

Evil_4_Dummies Public 336 6
Castle grounds Academy

homework, crazy parties, teachers, bullies, and amazing weapons!?

Tags: Role Playing, School, Academy, University, secret stuff

PandaBayr Public 19 1
Dark Angels of the Underground

A beautiful place for an underground person who needs a sisterly and brotherly connection.

Tags: Emos, Goths, Dark, Girls, Underground

vegas09 Public 298 21
Alliance Black Metal Squad

Fans Of Black Metal.

Tags: Alliance, Black Metal, Vampire, Metal Blood, zOMG!

xX-Tsjuder-Xx Public 453 53
Vampire and Human Dorm rooms RP

the title says it all

Tags: Human, Vampire, Vamp, Lonewolf66612

nfsbman Public 1,341 19
Love Academy(A School For Boys)

This is the academy for guys only.The staff is all woman who make their wildest dreams come true.

Tags: Games, Love, Dreams, Woman, Fun/Entertainment

Sorrow II Humunculi II Public 424 33
Dark Saiyans Guild

Saiyans and Vampires Welcome

Tags: DragonBall, Vampire, Saiyan, Anime, Role-Playing

Son-Gomen Public 5 2
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