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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Land of the Dark Princess Kirara. Expired Infinity Public 28,392 1,357
MidnighRose Academy

Role playing with action, Fight to the finish and fall in love...

Tags: Roleplaying, Myth, Academy, Rose, Fighting

Angel of Hollowness Public 8,038 28

Home of any original story/roleplaying ideas, open to all

Tags: original, legends

Asigna Public 2,643 24
Til My Blood Runs Black

A romance role play

Tags: Romance, Random, Creatures of the night, Vampire

XxLiftedxLovexX Private 256 8
Daily Drama

A Guild Dedicated To Life's Unavoidable Dramas

Tags: Life, Drama, Creative

Evil_4_Dummies Public 336 6
Castle grounds Academy

homework, crazy parties, teachers, bullies, and amazing weapons!?

Tags: Role Playing, School, Academy, University, secret stuff

PandaBayr Public 19 1
Dark Angels of the Underground

A beautiful place for an underground person who needs a sisterly and brotherly connection.

Tags: Emos, Goths, Dark, Girls, Underground

vegas09 Public 298 21
Alliance Black Metal Squad

Fans Of Black Metal.

Tags: Alliance, Black Metal, Vampire, Metal Blood, zOMG!

xX-Tsjuder-Xx Public 453 53
Vampire and Human Dorm rooms RP

the title says it all

Tags: Human, Vampire, Vamp, Lonewolf66612

nfsbman Public 1,341 19
Dark Saiyans Guild

Saiyans and Vampires Welcome

Tags: DragonBall, Vampire, Saiyan, Anime, Role-Playing

Son-Gomen Public 5 2
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