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Shibusen - A Soul Eater RP

Shibusen (A.K.A.=Death Weapon Meister Academy), Souls, School, Fighting, Love, Hate, Adventure,

Tags: Soul Eater, DWMA, School, Teachers,, Students, Others, Weapons,, Meisters, Love, Hate, Friendship

Shadowfire Rynn Public 960 32
University of The Gifted

Role Playing

Tags: Role Playing, University, Anime, love

AriaWolfen Public 548 21
・゚✧☾✿ тhє вℓαck Rosє's Gαrdєn ✿☽✧゚・

The official Clan for lost Rosє's ~✿

Tags: Role-play, Events, Fantasy, Skype, Chatting

Lady Phyre Private 222 53
Poll Jumpers

Tags: Poll, Jumpers, Topical

Isabelle Private 106,250 538
.Hack // Legacy xX_Kami-Shinzo_Xx Public 20,726 1,456
⊰ The House of Dragon and Phoenix ⊱

A companion roleplay for a creatively literate audience.

Tags: literate, advanced, unique, magic, fantasy

Kyra Kitsune Private 325 4
The Fifth Great Ninja War (Previously Forth Great Ninja War)

Naruto Roleplaying at it's finest! Be one of many elite ninja! Join in on the fun now!!

Tags: role playing, naruto, ninja, anime, action

Demonic Overlord Xesan Private 12,038 36
Pandora Hearts University

I place where lovers or just fans of the Pandora Hearts anime/manga can Rp and have fun.

Tags: university, Fantasy, Romance, Master, Servent

Ring_Suzune03 Public 36 15
The Knights Whose Armor Shone

A knights and damsels Role-Play

Tags: Knights, Roleplay, wars, medieval, diplomacy

N0b136 Public 1,363 19
Lonely Marionette's

a home for marionette's

Tags: Marionette, Dolls, Lonely

Heart Break Hime Private 66 16
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