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Gαιαη Çlαss θƒ 2oo5 Ässεmþ∫γ

A guild for all those Gaians who joined in 2005 to keep in contact with one another and show our spirit!

Tags: spirit week, class of 2005, old gaians

featherfire520 Private 13 15
Luna Venator wildboy jr Public 181 15
The Soviet Union

Is good vodka da?

Tags: soviet, union, Communism, communist, zombies

Soviet Jesus Private 714 183
Ze Soviet Union

Back to the U.S.S.R.

Tags: Russian, Soviet, Union

Thomaserail Public 164 38
Legend of Zelda: Temple of Time

A guild made for Legend of Zelda fans and cosplayers.

Tags: legend of zelda, link, zelda, ganondorf

Sheik_the_Shadow Public 340 16
Crypted Union

Crypted Union is a group of people, for its people.

Tags: Crypted Union, Respected, Loyal, Group

-I_-Crypted-_I- Public 5 12
~The Truth~ New World Order (under construction)

Tags: new world order, barack obama, end game, world, conspiracy

DemoZero23 Public 115 2
Steampunk Revolution

This is a Steampunk roleplay guild

Tags: Steampunk, Roleplay

DG The Wanderer Private 633 3
Union of Creativity

Here stands a world where a creative mind is welcome, valued, and essential!

Tags: Role Playing, Writing, Drawing, Creativity, Community

xXFaytalXx Public 4 1
H.A.G.U. (Hacked Accounts of Gaia Union!)

Hackers, face your doom,for we are your enemies!

Tags: Hacked, H.A.G.U., Hackers, Help, Union

CB Kinky Kohai Public 84 1
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