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The Vice Family

An Assassins Creed roleplay guild for the rest of us.

Tags: Role Playing, Assassin's Creed, Seven, Deadly, Sins

-I- Rabiem -I- Public 431 23
The 47+ Ronin

A guild for all things samurai/ninja/Japan.

Tags: Ronin, samurai, ninja, Japan, bushido

Ronin Gear Private 838 70

a place for gaia'ns to come and get free gold to help them when in need

Tags: donations, welfare, general asssistance, helping out others in time of need, T.A.N.G.

s-1313 Public 380 103
Everyday Monster Life ((Profile Ready))

Help monsters to live in the world of humans or keep out

Tags: Life, Monster, Roomates, Love

konaustin Public 1,494 17
Elegy For A Phantom

Private Guild. Mostly Storage

Tags: Nayu Meko, Planners, Khaos, Where does the truth start, and the lies end

Dragoon Of Nothing Private 2 2
::::Zasshu Gakuen::: :::School for the Supernatural:::

Hello and welcome to Zasshu Academy, this academy has stood to teach young hybrids to learn to control the power within them.

Tags: Hybrid, Anime, Role Play, Romance, School

Lydia19756 Public 2,962 44
It All Started With.... ( Open & Accepting~! )

If you love something you will let it go....but what if it comes back...?

Tags: romance, lies, betrayal, good vs bad, fighting

Alliecat298 Public 119 13
Into The Dreamscape

An all exclusive rich boarding school is harboring a dark secret. Just what happens when you die?

Tags: School, Death, Ghosts, Secretes, Rich

DemonLordAthea Public 440 15
The Veil Beyond The World

This guild is for roleplaying. Any and all are welcomed to join

Tags: Supernatural, Angelic, Demonic, Paranormal

Damien Scythe Morningstar Private 28 11
Bound For Hunting (Shuryō no tame ni baindo sa reta)

This guild is about a brother and sister and they paths the go down at their own risks.

Tags: Demons, Angels, Wolves, Vampires, Humans

revy the vengeful angel Private 44 4
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