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This guild is for showing of ur avi each week! Try to create a new trend or look and post it in a forum! Have fun!

Tags: Cool, Awesome, Show Off, Trends, Avatars

Mike_The_Mets_King Public 4,389 237

We are giving Wind Halo a Popular trend :D

Tags: Wind, Halo, Vitual Item, Trend, Contest

MrTurnOns Public 4 11
Violet Horizon: The Possibilities Are Endless

A place where you can enjoy just about anything to help gain some gold posting and interacting with others.

Tags: anime, manga, movies, random, private

Sir is not here Private 1,770 21
Dominion Mafia

A mafia made to take over Gaian market place.

Tags: mafia, sealed, gold, money, rich

iceematt24 Private 393 110
Have You Seen My Mind? {Silent Hill RP}

A literate Silent Hill rp. {Open and Accepting}

Tags: SilentHill, RPGuild, Literate, Survival, Horror

Miss Meat Shield Public 823 20
La Gavotte Event Planning Inc

Planning your wedding and your party with style and class.

Tags: Wedding, Event, Planning, Party, Gavotte

Chantal Dior Public 428 51
The Dominian Mafia

Want quick cash? Then Join

Tags: money, cash, quick, mafia, invest

shoishob1 Public 3 11
The Models Trends Guide

You guys will be modeling the newest gaia trend!

Tags: designing, Being you

sexy gal 82 Public 2 17
DCU Joker Goon Squad

The Notorious Joker and His Goons Personal Guild For Maximum Security

Tags: DCUO, Comic, Joker, Goon, Guild

CIinton Francis Barton Public 4 3
Straightedge Youth ✘✘✘

Gaian ✘✘✘ crew come together for our passion of values and music ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Tags: straight edge, pop punk, post hardcore, hardcore, metal

Lord Penguin Pants Public 4 1
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