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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Anti-Emo Guild tetrasmaster Private 8,813 315
[Happy]Sugarholics Anonymous[Summer]

*Laying back with a good sugar high*

Tags: Sugar, summer, random, polls, Addiction

-Angel Buttons- Private 33,753 44
The Academy!

A place for those apart from human society to learn the rules!

Tags: Academy, Roleplay, School, Student, Teacher

The Dapper Changeling Public 32 3
The Fashion Metro- Events -

Where modern gaia/real life trends blend into one guild

Tags: The Fashion Metro, Trendy, Beautiful, Chic, Style

Secret Rendezvous Public 995 85

Entertainment and beyond!

Tags: Movies, Televison, Music, Trends, Fashion

CuddlyCoo Public 4 1
The Trophaeum (The Parts Wars)

An air gear based guild; How high will your wings take you ?

Tags: Air gear, manga, anime, Role, play

sokishi Private 118 10
Society in Darkness(A modern day monster/fantasy rp)

A war breaks out between humans and supernatural creatures of the night in modern day society.

Tags: werewolves, vampires, fantasy, roleplaying, modern

Andy _1134 Private 133 9
The Dominian Mafia

Want quick cash? Then Join

Tags: money, cash, quick, mafia, invest

Strife Chowdhury Public 3 11
The Models Trends Guide

You guys will be modeling the newest gaia trend!

Tags: designing, Being you

sexy gal 82 Public 2 17
DCU Joker Goon Squad

The Notorious Joker and His Goons Personal Guild For Maximum Security

Tags: DCUO, Comic, Joker, Goon, Guild

CIinton Francis Barton Public 4 3
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