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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
DarkSeas Guild - New Season!

Tags: literate RP, RP focused

Aykon Public 13,866 25
Elyris ~ The Prophecy of Harmony !ACCEPTING MEMBERS!

For semi-to-full literates ONLY.

Tags: Fantasy, Military, Roleplaying, Kingdom, Medieval

EsperJay Private 2,435 2
The Twilight Tavern

There is no life without victory!

Tags: Battle, Role Play, Tavern, Comics, Dimensions

Stray_Dog Private 2,572 34
Black Tear Tavern Sanji - Kataomoi Public 5,119 21
Sathatian Empire

The Empire of Sathatia, a home to mystery and war. Can you survive the twisted reality of myth and truth?

Tags: Empire, Sathatia, Role-Play, Fantasy

Aoife of Erin Public 491 1
The Silver Sprite

The Silver Sprite is a causal role play set in a post-dystopian world

Tags: Fantasy, Social, Tavern, Casual, Roleplaying

Menacing Stranger Private 1,260 1
Fate's Keeper

It seems Death is back up to his devious tricks~

Tags: Mystery, Changing, Journey, Death, Roleplay

Nira_Has_Fallen Public 242 6
The Blank Slate Estates

The drama and adventure found on the estates built upon a land ruled by Chaotic Magic.

Tags: Blank, Slate, Estates, Gatehouse, Tavern

Pleasantly Ridiculous Private 36 3
Sacred Trinity Clan

A group designed for making new friends while using a semi-rp setting

Tags: Tavern/Bar

Lunesca Solsbane Private 4 2
Safe Haven, Hidden Among The Alcohol

You're on the run. Where will you hide? There's an inconspicuous tavern. Is this where you will hide? Come take a look...

Tags: Magic, Haven, roleplay, Freeform

MixingChemicals Public 2 1
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