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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
συя ☀ ωσяℓδ [ A Hetalia Next Gen Roleplay ]{Dead

What happens when the nations of Hetalia retire, only to give up their titles to their kids? You decide...

Tags: Hetalia, Roleplay, Next Generation, Axis Powers Hetalia, Original Characters

Montmerency Private 30,442 33
Heart no Kuni no Alice Fan Guild

This guild is still in being thought of

Tags: Heart, boris, kuni, Joker, alice

Senshi_Sailor Harpyia Public 26 4
K.N ✖ Korean Nostalgia eruthia Private 3,292 78
Post Apacolyptic RPG

Can you survive the future?

drnachos Public 25 2
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Blood of the Vongola [[OPEN~]]

This is a Reborn RP somewhat following the current storyline of the manga.

Tags: Reborn, Vongola, Hitman

Bloody Angel MiRi Private 39 8
Super Asia Super Club!

This guild is for fans of East Asian countries, like Japan, Korea, or Taiwan.

Tags: super, asia, club

Rainbow Xylophones Public 6 5
War of the World

The epic battle to decide Gaia's favorite country.

Tags: world, country, popularity, contest

WubblesTehGrapes Public 343 186
Hetalia RP guild~

Hetalia RP guild

Tags: Hetalia, Rping, Role playing, 9501 towns

California Mayhem Public 19 28
.:. J a y * C h o u .:.

A guild for Jay Chou fans

Tags: Intl, asia, Jay c, Chou, pop songs

dad_alberto Public 4 5
Hetalia Fans!

Welcome Hetalians to the fandom~

Tags: Hetalia, Anime, World Series, Axis Powers, Beautiful World

MonochromaticMoon Public 306 25
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