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The Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi Roleplay Guild

This is a guild for all Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi fans! Come talk and roleplay with fellow shippers. And don't be afraid to post some fanart and fanfic!

Tags: Yu-Gi-Oh, Yaoi, Roleplay, Anime, Community

PuppyDogJou Public 4,530 60
Shojo Beat

Romance anime/manga free join ^_~

Tags: Anime, Role Play, Shojo Beat, Manga, Romance

Siera Serenity Star Public 246 294
Mimi & Ura Academy

A school for those who just don't fit in..

Tags: Furry, Neko, Animals, School, Romance

Alliecat298 Public 3,023 32
† Red Dawn Rising †

Futuristic Vampire and Lycan War

Tags: Lycan, Vampire, Future, Battle, Tech

Lady Magdalene LeBrun Private 1,149 3
The Wayward Children Pound WaywardChildrenPound Public 23,903 208
Fairy Tail: Era of the Demon Lords [Under Construction]

Tags: Fairy Tail, Anime, Manga, Magic, Guilds

Discord Brony Private 260 1

HTG: HustleTrollingGroup is a Youtube community group that makes: gameplay videos, trolling videos,(even real life) GTA vids, Minecraft,...

Tags: Youtube, Minecraft, GTA San Andreas, Trolling, Funny

Mr D-Tail Public 18 27
Fairy Tail: Legend of the Darkstar

A story that I felt like sharing as I write it! Enjoy! Lol

Tags: Fairy Tail, Comedy, Action, Romance

Crashwave Public 8 2
Naruto: Waves of Shadow

A roleplaying guild based off of the Naruto genre.

Tags: Naruto, roleplaying, ninja, semi lit, freedom

Ancient Armor Private 13 1
Fairy Tail: Fairy Dust

- U/C -

Tags: Roleplay, Fairy, Tail, Romance

IKami-senpai Public 3 2
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