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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Official FAIRYTAIL Guild

A place where dreams come true?

Tags: Fairy Tail, Anime, Manga, Video Games

Gray Fullbuster_Ice Public 2,273 300
Fairy Tail: A New Day O//A

Join us on the wild adventure Fairy Tail and all the other Guilds take us! Please join!

Tags: Fairy Tail, Magic, Comedy, Romance, Anime

Marechii Public 1,351 37
Fairies in Flight {Fairy Tail Role-Play Guild}

The Biggest Magic Guild in Fiore!

Tags: magic, roleplay, fairy tail

IAVl Public 88 19
Fairy Tail: Horizons

an in coming Fairy Tail RP

Tags: Fairy, Tail, Guild, Magic, Mage

Akemi Mercuraki Public 81 28
Blue Dragon

A guild for all avatars with the word 'dragon' in their name.

Tags: dragons, blue, castle, contests, bard

Shanra the Dragon Bard Private 15,483 21
Naruto: Path of the Shinobi

A Literate Naruto Roleplaying guild. Each character has a chance to bring direct change into the story as it revolves around each one.

Tags: Naruto,, Roleplay,, Literacy,, Path of the Shinobi,, POTS,

Tsumuro Private 13,164 65
LIGHTDASH - A Sonic the Hedgehog Guild

A dedicated community of Sonic the Hedgehog fans.

Tags: lightdash, sonic, sonic the hedgehog, tails prower, knuckes the echidna

wolfy852 Public 2,424 109
Fairy Tail Lovers!

A place where you can talk about Fairy Tail

Tags: Fairy, Tail, people, we dislike, haters

Hitman fire Public 94 34
kitsunewolves guild: The Pack

kitsunes and wolves unite

KokutanKitsune Private 531 23
The Mighty Fairy Tail Guild

All Fairy Tail Guild members welcome

Tags: Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima, Kawaii, Otaku, Anime

l-leartfilia Public 6 9
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