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The DC/Marvel Universe

This is a guild for all those who love Marvel and/or DC comics, movies, games etc. here you can RP, Chat, even create your own hero

Tags: comics, marvel, super heroes, DC Comics, avengers

The_Dark Kn1ght Public 9,019 203
The Crossed Casket

The Crossed Casket where the mortal and immortal come to play.

Tags: Literate, Fantasy, Roleplay, Drama, Underground

Vihata Private 30 6
The Official Lanzer Shrine (June, 2011) TheBlackDragon Public 10,591 75
:Hakkai Entertainment:

Tags: Naruto, Super Hero

Zegura Private 8,209 41
Super Sentai and other Tokusatsu

For Super Sentai fans. Discussion of stuff like Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Metal Heroes is ok too.

Tags: super, sentai, tokusatsu, power, rangers

Bao Sanniang Public 707 61
Evolution Academy

Hello~ Welcome to Evolution Academy! This is an open-world open-concept Modern Day High School RP

Winter Has Come Public 257 4
Super_X_Kami_X_Guru's RPC workshop. Super_X_Kami_X _Guru Public 28 2
Clash of Power

Heroes and Villains clash!

Tags: Super Hero, Super Villain, Super Powers

OGApothecary Private 12 1
Super Anime-Manga Aficionados

A discussion guild for ALL & ANY type of anime and manga

Tags: Anime, Manga, Discussion, Attack on Titan, Artwork

BraelynNK Public 25 13
Ouran Academy's Ouran Host Club!!!

Anime Rp Guild

Tags: Tamaki, Hitachiin, kyoya, Honey And Mori, Haruhi

Ourans Only Haruhi Public 1 4
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