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Fantasy Role Playing guild based on unique people and supernatural beings. A fully immersible fictional world of its own.

Tags: Hell, View, roleplay, Fantasy, supernatural

LadyPhoenix_2009 Public 5,122 23

You're BANIshment will come soon to theaters near you.

Tags: Bani, Waffles, Muffins, Cult, Clan

post game af Private 37 16

Just a new guild trying to fit in with the community.

Tags: Winbreakers, Dope, Bomb Squad, Chill, Express

Griimez Public 137 66
Free Band Gang

Join everyone is cool don't clone and No Lamez

Tags: Glo Boyz, O-block, Yung Mafia -YM-, Fly Fam, Trap Gang

Skippa Da Flippa Public 18 26
( CR ) Top Model Squad

This is a CR Subguild, Top model squad, Squad..

Tags: Goddaughter Of CrownRoyal, Silver Of Crown Royal, Members, Fashion, Style

Goddaughter Of OmniClan Private 16 13
Lucky VII

Lucky VII family for life

Tags: VII family, lucky, lucky7, squad, family

YouShopAt_ASDA -_- Public 28 13
1017 Glo Boyz^

Squad ^^

Tags: Gang, Squad, Clique, Team

You a Brick Private 38 36

Cuteness Overload

Tags: Kawaii, Precious, Sweet Heart, Squad, Sweetie Pies

l Doodlebug l Public 7 11
The Pink Squad

Where Pinkists go to Love Pink

Tags: Pink, Squad

Influent Public 9 12
YMT (Y)oung (M)oney (T)eam


Tags: Squad, Young, Money, Team, Group

MoneyMaklng Trell Private 4 16
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