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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
We'll Be Counting Stars

A Semi-Literate Roleplay guild

Tags: High School, Demons, Zombies, Semi-Literate, Drama

Fantasizing Dreams Public 1,439 11
Unitarian Universalists of Gaia

A hangout for U.U.s on Gaia.

Tags: Unitarian Universalism, Unitarian Universalist, Humanism, Progressivism, Spirituality

Circuitpunk Public 108 40
The Clone Rebellion

Clones vs. Humans: Which side are you on?

Tags: Clone, Rebellion, Military, Post-Apocolyptic, Original

ethorX Private 83 1
II HS II---THE Highly Specials

Exclusive guild...

Tags: Highly Specials, special, team, rocking

II PR0 II Public 64 27
NBA Central Guild

The best basketball guild on Gaia, period.

Tags: Basketball, Discussion, Sports, Hoops, Streetball

Slasheyedpeas Public 17,066 1,283
Official Track and Field, Cross Country, and Sports Guild

we just LOVE sports!!!!!!!!

Tags: cross country, soccer, football, sports, track

Night of Silence190 Private 18 16
Academy Royale (Open/Accepting)

A Semi-Lit to Literate Academy RP for Royalty and Nobility

Tags: Princess, Prince, School, Literate, Action

AJKline Private 11,232 10
ξѵеɾ Ѧғʈеɾ Ңɨɠћ

Open & Accepting Active Members

Tags: Ever, After, Academy, Fairy, Tales

Celestial Whore Private 930 8
Fuck It All! A Roleplaying Group

Roleplaying isn't a sport, it's about fun!

Tags: Roleplaying

Merry The Stalker Public 30 17
SUPREME family

Tags: SUPREME, family, Rulers, Love, Excellence

S-troopa Public 22 24
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