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The Money Team

Be part of the team. No Rules. Just fun!

Tags: Hangout, Giveaways, Contests, Role play, Polls

xXOahuXx Public 111 13
Academy Royale (Open/Accepting)

A Semi-Lit to Literate Academy RP for Royalty and Nobility

Tags: Princess, Prince, School, Literate, Action

AJKline Private 11,232 10
The NFL Guild

A guild for fans of the game.

Tags: National Football League, Football, Pigskin, American, Sports

Nyuupyon Public 38,797 2,226
The MMA Guild

combat sport discussion guild

Tags: Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Fighting, Combat Sports, Ultimate Fighting Championship

Smarky Mark Public 707 11
Naruto Sengoku Era ( open Accepting )

A new era Samurai ninja Collide

Tags: Naruto, ninja, Samurai, War game, steampunk

Overlord Diaus Public 156 3
Galdovia Institute

Galdovia Institute is a school that accepts anyone of any kind. Find love, friends, adventure, and discover the schools dark secret.

Tags: Role playing, High school, Semi Literate, Fantasy, Dark

Nefarious Doll Private 1,193 13
A Twist Of Fandom

A roleplay guild that brings together different fandoms into a small town who's main focus is an orphanage and Boarding school.

Tags: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Merlin, Fandom

temari_twin Public 138 8
The Olympics Dream: (RP Guild)

This is a guild for people who want to RP really any international sport. There will be Olympic and World Events.

Tags: Olypmics, Sports, Countries, World, Events

PosiedonRulez Public 4 5
ξver Ѧfter Ѧcademy

Tags: Ever, After, Academy

Grave Encounters Private 251 2
Gaia school! :)

Online school

Tags: school, girls, boys, teens, cute avis

cutelivy Public 9 5
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