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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
F.U.R. - Furtastic Union of Roleplayers

A guild for furry roleplayers of all shapes, sizes, types, and styles.

Tags: furry, roleplay, social, mature

Heavenly Kitten Private 2,012 51
House of Night Rp [U/C]

RP guild based on 'House of Night' Series

Tags: House of Night, School, Vampyre, Role play, Fledglings

Indecisive Dreamer Private 56,772 39
A Monster's Crown U/C

An alternate universe roleplay loosely based on Game of Thrones

Tags: Game of Thrones, Roleplay, Fantasy, Academy, Royalty

Kai Sparrowheart Public 245 7
Blade Master Online (Open & Accepting)

PVP, PVE, RPG, Action, Fun, Socialble

Tags: Role Play, PVPi, PVEi, Entertaining, Social

Rentachi Bloodblade Public 1,391 16
The Lost Archives

2) Breeding ground for rpgers to gather collectively & meet (both new & old, active and non-active)

Tags: Roleplaying, Rpgs, Writing

Zurui Ketsueki Public 263 23
Oculus Unity

Oculus Unity was formed by refugees from other guilds in search of a better community

Tags: roleplay, gaming, social, oculus, unity

Truths Pleasure Private 81 22

Guild for all MP vendors, Hodors, and chat

Tags: marketplace, Vendors, Hoarder, family

Mister Salty Public 23 41
Infinite Potential


o I Dont Fuh Wit Chu o Private 4 9
The Yami Family

A family of friends

Tags: Role Playing, Making friends, Family, Video games, Movies

Lord Tez Yami Public 2 6
Assassin's Warfare

A world filled with those who will kill for money or purpose...

Tags: Assassin, Social, Cloak and Dagger

Rentachi Bloodblade Private 38 4
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