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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Guild That Brought Our Smokes Back! [Nov. 2009]

The official protesting guild! Join to stop the unfair!

Tags: Gaia, Unfair, Protest, Freedom, Fight

Toxic Pepper Private 7,255 1,853
Dance with the Reefer

A community for stoners, medical marijuana users, and pot heads!!

Tags: marijuana, smoking pot, stoner, stoner hangout, weed

ZombiePANCAKE Private 39 12
Inheritance Series Guild tasfish2008 Public 179 6
The Bartholomew Kingdom

Tags: Bartholomew, Clan, Roleplay, Fight

Yuske Bartholomew Private 2,140 3
This Guild Is Too Stoned To Have A Name

Mary had a baby with Juana their babies name was...

Tags: mary, jane, stoners

Pikachiin Private 856 20
Don't do drugs, do Role Play!

Don't do drugs, do role play! This is not just a role play guild, we do prize contests, so you can donate to the mule, and we'll do fun crap

Tags: Expessing, Haveing a great time, Smoke happiness, Makeing friends, Role play

Pornies Private 38 2
Its Ok To Be Worry Free

ever get tired of anti-noob arseholes, the people who complain that what you do in your life is bad for you, not here, so relax

Tags: Simple one725, Chill, It's Ok to be worry free, weed(HELL YEA), it takes all kinds

Riki_Bobii Public 73 16
Loyalty: An Akatsuki role play

Live as loyal subordinates with the Akatsuki to help acchomplish their goals

Tags: Akatsuki, Loyalty, Anime, Role Playing, Manga

Furiously X Insane Public 284 13
Crustacean Crumpet Society Zae Public 18 4
Shunran University ~[RP]~

A roleplay for people who are half human half animal.

Tags: Neko, University, wolves, academy, Animals

The Mighty Wolf Public 182 9
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