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..::(¯`·.¸¸.·The Note.¸¸.·´¯) ::..

Scratch Forums and Role Play!!!

Tags: Role Play, Claymore, Vampire, Narxfang, Darker Than Black.

narxfang Public 17,989 424
The Ultimate DBZ Guild

Dragonball at its best

Tags: Dragon, Ball, Ultimate, Empressdee, Guild

empress dee Public 1,716 90
The Bonds of Slavery

This is a Master / Slave guild

Tags: Roleplaying, Slave, Master, Romance, Mistress

General of Clowns Private 12,500 198
Kindom of Slaves

enter if you dare into this kingdom of slaves. all females here are slaves and all men own at least one slave.

Tags: slaves, auction, master, pets, kingdom

DJ_Future Public 31 15
A Crystal Rose {A Master/Slave RP Guild}

A Literate Master/Slave RP guild for making friends and roleplaying.

Tags: roleplay, master, slave, friendly, literate

Agent Rissa Private 15,257 137
Open Heart: A Yaoi RPing Guild (CLOSED//RESET)

Everyone needs love, from schoolboys to slaves.

Tags: Yaoi, Master and Slave, Love, School, Roleplaying

CrzyAlterEgo Private 17,751 224
Fairy Tails Gone Wrong!

A multicultural guild in aspects of Role Playing Genres. Tolerance of others with both style and choice of RP is a MUST!

Tags: Multicultural, Master, Mistress, Slave, Creative Writers, Adventures, Fun, Love, Hate, Anger, Pain, Lust, Vengeance, Myth, War, School, Fantasy, Emotions, Tragedy, Comedy, Service

Celestialspy Private 13 15
Flamed Souls

Join Our Exotic Fire Kingdom, Or I'll Make Sure The Last Thing You'll See Is Your Ashes

Tags: Fire Queen - Rylyn, Defender - Jaku Tenshi, Knight - Anztrev, Knight - Electric Pound, Slave -

Rylyn The Fire Queen Public 1 2
Leyden Falls

Tags: fantasy, guild, magic, assassin

Neve Corcair Private 4,785 6
unTouchable AnImE

welcome to this dark little guild

Tags: random, anime, manga, role playing, master/slave ,

souleater0123 Private 183 11
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