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My lovely pet - A Master & Slave roleplay

Come, and join our guild where all are welcome. Whether you be a shy Slave, or a Noble Master there will always be a chance at love for you

Tags: master, slave, romance, roleplaying

Cisala Elden Public 728 9
☠Forbidden Love❤

Will love beat all odds this time...?

Tags: romance, forbidden, creatures, war/peace, future

Alliecat298 Public 222 16
The Darkening Of Tristram

The town of Tristram is under attack by hordes of demons, pouring forth from beneath the ruined Tristram Cathedral. A Diablo based RP

Tags: Diablo, Tristram, Demons, Heros, Town

DemonLordAthea Public 45 12
Leyden Falls

Tags: fantasy, guild, magic, assassin

Neve Corcair Private 4,784 6
Maestros y Escalvos: A Master/Slave Roleplaying Guild

This guild is to get those who are driven towards the Master and Slave roleplays to have another sanctuary to roleplay as they wish.

Tags: Roleplaying, Masters and Slaves, Masters, Slaves, Pets

SimsGirl87 Public 788 34
ą ʂĭℓѵεя ℓĭɳĭɳɠ... (accepting new apps)

Roleplay, Kingdoms based off of sins and virtues... everyone is welcome to apply.

Tags: Sins, Virtues, Literate, Kingdoms, Action, Romance

The Bunit Private 11,543 27
The Pirates Roleplay Game ~Under Construction~

An RP guild for pirates and roleplayers of all sorts. Venture the seas or galaxies! Sea, Skye, and Space, and all the treasure they hold!

Tags: Pirate, slave, role play, Master, semi lit

Captain Luke Trenk Public 1,578 37
Romance Manor 2.0 (O/A)

If your looking for love, this manor is for you

Tags: Romance, Master, Slave

Lux V Reborn Private 23 9
☆═━┈ As you Wish Master ┈━═☆

slave and master role play

Tags: slave, master, roleplay

starless198 longmaneBL Private 25 18
Jodi's personal mansions

This guild is a roleplaying guild for Jodi's slave girls

Tags: Jodi, Servant, Mansion, Maid

Bumble bee girl94 Private 5 3
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