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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
¤ Adopt an Uke ¤ [Home of the Uke-Harem]

Tags: Roleplay, Seme, Adopt, Harem

Candy Coated Lust Public 1,605 338
Punishment or Pleasure? ( Slave and Master )

Which will you choose?

Tags: Slave, Master, Slave and Master

Sparkel_No_Sparkling Public 1,582 63
Gladiator's Glory

Kill and Die for the crowd, live and become a god among men. Die and be forgoten for all time

Tags: Gladiator, Fighting, Role Play, Beast, Glory

Faola Nightcore Public 20 6

For the bored males and females of gais that are looking for masters/slave-pets to role play with!

Tags: Fury, roleplay, master, slave, pets

Sensual Snow Public 2 1
::Torturous Sadistic Masters::

A slave/master RP guild.

Tags: sadist, slave, master, torture, bondage

Kitty Falcon Private 617 38
☆ Blue Moon Market ☆

This is simply a place for slave and master lovers to RP to their hearts content.

Tags: roleplay, slave, master, writing, literate

candy demon21 Private 2,790 51
I Belong to You, I Own You.

Just like any other Slave and master guild~

Tags: Masochistic, Sadistic, Slave, Master, Yaoi, Yuri, Straight

L_Loves_Crepes Public 8,861 159
Giantess Lesbian Love

A Guild For Women That Love Giantess

Tags: Giantess, Female, Roleplay, Feet, Slave

LittlestGirl Private 105 7
Enchanted Enslavement

Magical Master Slave Roleplaying Guild

Tags: Role Playing, Master Slave, Magical, Supernatural, Vampires Werewolves

Mitsukini Sage Public 57 15
Maids and Slaves

A place for maids and slaves to meet each other

Tags: Slaves, Masters, Maids, Sexy, Butlers

Hidemi Emu Public 3 5
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