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A Rose Among Thorns

A literate haven for those who take their slave and master role playing seriously.

Tags: Slave, Master, Literate, Roleplay

Rose Petals Wither Public 6,682 38
Shadows' Shadow (A Kingdom Hearts RP Guild)

It's simple addition. One for each member, and whatever they wish is their command.

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Roleplay, Square Enix, Disney

Alliecat298 Public 37 4
The Slave Auction Hotel

Tags: Master, Owner, Slave, Mistress, Pets

Master Kanaka Private 7,754 55
☆ Blue Moon Market ☆

This is simply a place for slave and master lovers to RP to their hearts content.

Tags: roleplay, slave, master, writing, literate

candy demon21 Private 2,785 55
Sokubaku Koi [Bound Love]

A BDSM/Slave and Master guild

Tags: slave, master, yaoi/yuri, romance, seke

Alien dude2 Private 7,319 59
Tie me tightly. (Slave and Master's Guild)

Slave and Master's of all kind

Tags: Slave, Master, Fighting, Love

ImmortalLust69 Public 8,020 179
~Yes, Master~

For you slave and master fantasies.

Tags: Slave, Pets, Master, Mistress, Role playing

Bangletigress20 Public 233 36
ℓσνє αη∂ ραιη

"All is well in love and pain..."

Tags: Slave, Master, Love and Pain, Roleplay, Semi. lit

Oreo--Sniffer Public 268 5
Of Love And Lost (A Master and Slave Guild)

Tags: Master, Mistress, Slaves, Friends, Random

Princess Kuev Private 248 34
**~A love as big as this~**

a naughty guild with a great story line

Tags: roleplay, love, yaoi, yuri, straight

forgotten-pop Private 8 1
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