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*-_My Master_-*

Master/ Slave rp, please only join if at least semi-literate..

Tags: master, slave, love, torture, waffles

Hangover In The Mornin Public 42,087 85
Open Heart: A Yaoi RPing Guild (CLOSED//RESET)

Everyone needs love, from schoolboys to slaves.

Tags: Yaoi, Master and Slave, Love, School, Roleplaying

CrzyAlterEgo Private 17,755 223
Mythic:: Arrival Of The Summoners [Open & accepting]

A well organized, put together, fantasy guild like no other you've seen and will keep you busy for hours to come

Tags: Summoners, Magic, Wars, Myths, Legends

II That Asian Girl II Public 3,647 94
The Literate Knights of Gaia

A Literate and Semi Literate Roleplaying Guild

Tags: roleplaying, literate, anime, real life, semi literate

Young Master Seke Public 3,871 78
raven with wings of a dove

a rp guild where yaoi, yuri, incest, and other things is okay!! please join!

Tags: yaoi, slaves, hardcore, incest, roleplay

sebastian147741 Public 905 26
Place for the RolePlaying

Welcome to and all out rp guild!

Tags: Slave X Master, Dark, Romance, 1x1 rps, RolePlaying

Taveria Public 788 29
A yuri Rp guild

This is a guild for those that like lesbian or yuri rps.

Tags: Yuri, Roleplay, Fantasy, Slave & Master, Freedom

The First Cursed Public 41 8
The Ice Of Bondage

A BDSM, Futanari, Hentai, and Sadomasochism guild!

Tags: Roleplay, Community, BDSM, Slave/Master, Clan

Ice Queen Westley Public 111 1
Wasure Rareta (The Forgotten)

We are currently close for reconstruction.

Tags: Story-Line Based, Master /Slave, Schooling, Mid-evil / Futuristic

Kazu Arrowsoki Public 1,228 6
|PossessioN| WIP

Role-play as a submissive or dominator, take it to PM or keep in Thread, and join us for our weekly meet in the dungeon.

Tags: BDSM, Romance, Master, Gothic, Mistress

Myung Ki Private 5 1
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