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Eternal Night Academy

A school for the abnormally gifted.

Tags: Role Play, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Angels

Ace Vladimir Shade II Public 39 9
One City Divided ((under construction, Open and Accepting))

Cyberpunk vs Steampunk

Tags: Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Steam, Mechanical, divided

IrIshInjun95 Public 101 3
Giveaway With a Slight Twist

We Try to Make Gifting and Receiving an Awesome Experience

Tags: Giveaway, Gifting, Gifts

RainbowMania Public 75 12
NightShroud Academy Home To All Mythical & Human Beings

A Peaceful Academy for Mythical & Human beings but what happen when a villan stronger then the chairman comes to the school?

Tags: -Action-, -Romance-, -Mythical Creature-, -Humans-, -Powers-

Leyla_Blair Public 4,016 25

A Medieval Fantasy roleplay

Tags: Medieval, Fantasy, Royalty, Roleplay

Star Stealing Giirl Private 224 7
The Mystical Island of Keyotan

An rp guild where the story takes place on a feudal oriental island isolated from mainland japan for centuries

Tags: Samurai, Keyotan, roleplaying, magik, Romance

Kiaratiger Public 533 10
the Yarina clan

RP, long term, fun, family based

Watching Your Six Public 4 4
A world not Forgotten

A semi-literate to literate pokemon RPing guild for all trainers~

Tags: pokemon, master, adventure, literate, tournaments

WaffleButts69 Public 152 10
B.E.A.T Be Evil All the Time

A place where you can be evil.

Tags: Evil, Awesome

Ghost of Wolfgang Public 18 14
~Kingdom of DT~

Praise And Serve your King

Tags: Serve, andd, Woreship, King, Domic

Domictrixz Public 5 23
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