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(UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Colorweel of the soul

For people who just can't find the right romance role play and want to try all different types~

Tags: Role Playing, Romance, Anime, Any type of love, Have Fun

Seion the Kitsune Private 80 12
The Umbrella Research Facility

Tags: Resident Evil, Umbrella, Military, B.O.W.S

Hell_Fox_666 Public 2,230 22
House of Night ((U/c))

((We are just about ready for our Grand Re-opening!! XD))

Tags: House of Night, Light/Darkness, Vampyre, Role Playing, Friends

Reverie Sarvis Public 171 26
Shelled Regios ADVANCE!! ((U/C))

Chrome, Shelled, Regios, science fiction, fantasy, role play, RP, level up

Tags: Chrome Shelled Regios, Fantasy, Role Play, level, Science fiction

rainshadowdirewolf Public 223 5
Starry Expanse

A SciFi roleplay inspired by games, movies, etc.

Tags: starbound, science, fiction, starry expanse, space

RosemaryTeatree Private 27 6
The Hidden Gate of Truth

Naruto, FMA, X-Men, Avengers, Marvel, Anime, Roleplaying

Zero Kuran-Cross Public 6 11

Styrofoam Boyz

Tags: videogamebreakups, nohoots, bestbuymusicstore, animesucks, fullforce

Dead Channel Private 162 7
The Righteous Legion

The futuristic protectors of our homes

Tags: military, roleplay, righteous, legion, kingdom

CDR Forge Alpha Private 2 1
♢ ♣ ♤ ♥ Four Aces Academy ♥ ♤ ♣ ♢

Four Academy is a school where supernatural beings can coexist with each other without the fear of humans discovering them.

Tags: anime, high school, supernatural

My Sweet Euphoria Public 191 29
Gaia Match Makers.

A place to were we can set you up with a like minded person.

Tags: single, love, match maker, help me, gaia couples

Im Mat Private 2 1
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