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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Yu Yu Hakusho Battle Universe RPG

...Now that the next Makai Tournament is about to begin..what will our heros do?

Tags: Yu Yu hakusho, roleplay, battle fighting, makai tournament, Anime manga Kurama

Yukina-dono Public 9,289 122

A Samurai Roleplay filled with action, comedy and romance! Suitable for semi-lit to lit.

Tags: blades, seven, samurai, action, roleplay

Sweet blah blahblah Public 617 25
Fallen Arch Clan Caladbolg Private 33,491 60
The 'New' Gaian Coliseum

Do you enjoy fighting? Do you enjoy fantasy roleplay? If so this is your one stop shop!! ^_^

Tags: Fantasy, Combat, Free For All

S.Lyger Public 1,216 78

We are a guild of many but the main is samurai and vampire.

Tags: Vampire, Roleplay, Kenshin, Samurai, Twilight

Silver Yamisan Private 1,972 2
The Rogue Seven guild

A peace keeping military/merc group currently not accepting

Tags: rogue, mercenary, seven, military

Therogueleader Public 1,146 13
Division 3

Guild of Records-Keeping

Tags: Soul Society, Bleach, Samurai, Records, Roleplay

Holy Knight of Heaven Private 26 5
Sengoku Basara [u/c]


Tags: Samurai, sengoku, basara, role play, ninja

disgracedwolf Public 427 13
(Closed for remake2)

Based off the anime Mirage of Blaze with a twist the main character is a girl insted of a boy.

Tags: Roleplay, Fighting, Romance

Suki Yumura Public 58 10
Sengoku: A Shogunate Divided

An in depth literate group Role Play guild based on the events of Sengoku Era Japan.

Tags: sengoku, japan, feudal, samurai, military

Swarovskii Public 85 6
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