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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance

Role Playing

Tags: Power Rangers, Role Playing

Gay-Lans Public 2 2
The Shadow Shinobi Clan

Tags: Shadow, Ninja, Shinobi, Demon, Clan

kaos shadow 3 Public 1,089 83
The Azuma Ninja

Ninjas Of The Shu Clan

Tags: Role Playing, Ninja, Samurai, Secrecy, Clan

tia shu Public 18 7
Demonic Samurai

warriors, ninja, samurai

Tags: Ninjas, Samurai, Family, Demons, sword

ShadowzAssassinz Public 21 10
Warrior's Spirit

The teenage years are difficult... sharing them with the spirit of a warrior from the past is even harder...

Tags: Powers, Fighting, Warrior, Magic, Mutant

Roger Price Public 554 12
way of the spirit

a guild of demons and angels humans and warriors

Tags: samurai, angel, demon, monster, power

Twisted Tamashi Public 827 9
the seven sins clans

read the description

Tags: gluttny (not fma), envy, lust, katana, samurai

School Tests Public 942 36
Former guild~

The chronicle of samurai, clans and life will never be the same ever again.

Tags: Samurai, Ninja, Warriors, Demons, Wars

Zemyx The Titan Destroyer Public 5,300 35
Gaian Samurai Guild

A Guild for all of the Samurai's on Gaia.

Tags: Samurai, Gaia, Roleplay, Japan, Swords

Kale Hautiko Private 4 2
Japanese Fantasy

RP guild for those who wish to live in an japanese fantasy

Kenshinlove1 Public 3 4
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