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Results for "Samurai"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Shadow Shinobi Clan

Tags: Shadow, Ninja, Shinobi, Demon, Clan

kaos shadow 3 Public 1,089 83
Power Rangers Ultimate Alliance

Role Playing

Tags: Power Rangers, Role Playing

Gay-Lans Public 2 2
●Lunar moon samurai clan -- 月球 --

月球---- moon ... The destin warriors of the Lunar moon clan is recrewting---all Samurai apply

Diamond x Crooks Public 3,083 80
Legend Of Heros


Tags: Brasil, Portugal

Shiny31 do po Public 1,298 34
A NEW WORLD (closed for now under construction)

A rpg guild where we start a second life for people

Tags: 1/2 Prince, .hack, Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors

Akio Ashida Public 1,811 4
Calypso's Cruelty

Raiding the Seven Seas

Tags: Army, Pirates, Role-playing

The Pirate King Genisis Public 53 8


Tags: super, skilled, power, rangers, samurai

ParanoidMilkshake Public 8 6
The Sengoku Basara Warriors

For all those rpers who want to make your favorite samurai come to life.

Tags: sengoku, samurai, clans, war

iNobunaga Oda Public 4 3
υ ɴ ʟ ι м ι т є d

A Samurai 7 Guild

Tags: Samurai 7, Akira Kurosawa, Anime, Mecha, Role Playing

i are FABULOUS Private 5 1
Gaian Samurai Guild

A Guild for all of the Samurai's on Gaia.

Tags: Samurai, Gaia, Roleplay, Japan, Swords

Kale Hautiko Private 4 3
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