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The 47+ Ronin

A guild for all things samurai/ninja/Japan.

Tags: Ronin, samurai, ninja, Japan, bushido

Ronin Gear Private 838 66
Naruto: Pathway to Power

A guild based on the Akatsuki's and Villages individual rise to the top!!! Which Shinobi will make the ultimate difference?

Tags: Ninja, Samurai, Naruto, Sasuke, Roleplay

Sepharius Necromicon Public 6,498 10
Naruto Sengoku Era ( open Accepting )

A new era Samurai ninja Collide

Tags: Naruto, ninja, Samurai, War game, steampunk

Overlord Diaus Public 156 3
The Himura clan

This is a place where you can Rp & be part of a community.

Tags: Role Playing, Ninja, Samurai, Ninjustu

Izumi Himura Public 164 21
As my blade runs through your heart :chapter 1.the symphonys

This Rp is based on a family considered to be appart of the Shogun Triad, which existed millions of years before human kind reined .

Tags: intresting, shoguns, symphony, awsome, swordfights

Zenbon ronin Public 9 4
Brotherhood of Ronin Ninja

Warriors of the night dedicated to discover the perfection of one's character.

Tags: Ninja, Samurai, Martial Arts, Religion, Japan

-Arashi-no-Raijin- Public 2 2
Falling With Style

A guild designed with Adults in mind.

Tags: Family, Friends, Mature, Appropriate, Comfortable

Lacey has logged in Public 313 29
The Legendary Castle of Shien

"One sword keeps another in the sheath.. Sometimes, by taking a life, others can be preserved."

Tags: Feudal, Samurai, Shogun, Japanese, Warrior

Shichigoro Sensei Private 235 3

A Ninja Clan

Tags: Ninja, Samurai, Battle, Love, Family

Madam Sanguine Public 45 8
† Vokun 忍者 Brod †

Shadow Clan

Tags: Ninja, Stealth, Shadow, Warrior, Roleplay

Noobic Dovahkiin Private 7 1
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