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Sibling Rivalry

Like Samurais' and Ninjas'? Then come join this guild for an awesome Samurai V.S. Ninja role play!

Tags: Fantasy, Violence, Army, Romance, Roleplaying

Killer_Neko21 Public 591 10
Path of a Rōunin (Closed)

The story before the career of the legendary Hitokiri Battōsai began. Be a part of the action in this dramatic prequel.

Tags: Feudal Japan, Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai, Romance, Action

Luna del Lune Private 967 15
The Dark Forsaken Wolf Tribe❕

Its a wolf pack of fun,hard work and not easy to mess around(also for foxes too)

itskristennn_ Private 193 138
Guild of the Chosen [GTC]

This Guild is place to have fun, meet friends, as well as getting with advancing in gaia.

Tags: literature, contest, zOMG, help, artist

Glitterking Dragonsnatch Public 268 36
K-Fight Battle (A Real Bout High School RP)

Ever want to be the best fighter? The come and challenge your enemies to a K-Fight.

Tags: Real Bout High School, Role Play, Anime, K-Fight, Fighting

Lady Black Lycan Public 2,542 10
日本国: Empire of the Rising Sun [RP] RECRUITING

Based on 14th century Japan.

Tags: Japan, Samurai, Ninja, History, Literate

Daddy the Father Public 876 25
Kuni no Yume

Tags: Ninja, Samurai, Feudal, Japan, Role Play

Asuna no Mikoto Public 82 1
Hokkaido Academy ~ Open & Accepting ~

Feudal Japan, High school for Military Excellence

Tags: High school, Samurai, Feudal Japan, Romance, Semi-Literate

General Thomas Pryor Public 741 9
↜ {RP}_Naruto_KeMet すべての種類の漂白剤の戦士 ↝

The new Naruto RP guild that welcoms infinite choices

Tags: samurai, ninja, naruto, bleach, warior

Raikage_1st Public 1,668 20
Brotherhood of Ronin Samurai

We dedicate our lives to the sword and the strength to become better warriors as one.

Tags: Samurai, Ronin, Swords, Martial Arts, Religion

-The-Ronin-Wind- Public 2 4
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