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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Contest of Champions | Sponsorship Encouraged

A tournament hosted by Club SadistFaction

Tags: Contest, Tournament, SadistFaction, Champions

ImNoHero Private 4,631 45

A guild all about Ninjas and Samurai.

Tags: ninja, samurai, roleplaying

l-Honey Senpai-l Public 204 46
Love scream party

randomness at it's best

Tags: random, funny, music, games, movies

Samurai_Zatoichi Public 759 26
kyū・ten 九天 - Clan

"kyū•ten ichiryū - school of nine heavens"

Tags: ninja, shinobi, samurai, ronin, martial arts

Xephrow Private 112 71
The Dark Black One Winged Wings (TDBOWW)

The Dark Black One Winged Wings (TDBOWW)

Tags: TDBOWW, Dark, One Winged, Wings, RPG's

RoxasDanny15 Public 510 23
The Himura clan

This is a place where you can Rp & be part of a community.

Tags: Role Playing, Ninja, Samurai, Ninjustu

Izumi Himura Public 164 21
Falling With Style

A guild designed with Adults in mind.

Tags: Family, Friends, Mature, Appropriate, Comfortable

Lacey has logged in Public 313 29

A Ninja Clan

Tags: Ninja, Samurai, Battle, Love, Family

Madam Sanguine Public 45 8
World beyond the glass

Beyond the glass, the story will change

Tags: Samurai, Hime, Sengoku Jidai, Shinto, Roleplay

Ryu Nerith Public 544 2
† Vokun 忍者 Brod †

Shadow Clan

Tags: Ninja, Stealth, Shadow, Warrior, Roleplay

Noobic Dovahkiin Private 7 1
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