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Guild for all fans of Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi and other KOEI games!

Tags: Warriors, Orochi, Dynasty, Samurai, Koei

IshidaMaeda Public 6,743 69
Love scream party

randomness at it's best

Tags: random, funny, music, games, movies

Samurai_Zatoichi Public 757 25
⊕ şάţşùмά ⊕

The Satsuma Samurai

Tags: Satsuma, Samurai, Bushido, Feudal, Shogun

Arashi no Satsuma Public 67 21
The Desano Clan

Tags: ninja clan, roleplay, home, samurais, loyalty

Lord Kanaye Private 883 8
Sibling Rivalry

Like Samurais' and Ninjas'? Then come join this guild for an awesome Samurai V.S. Ninja role play!

Tags: Fantasy, Violence, Army, Romance, Roleplaying

Killer_Neko21 Public 591 10
Samurai Collective aka G.O.R.E.


Tags: Hip Hop, Freestyle, Bitches, White Bitches, Old English

DMTeaTIME Public 8 4
City of The Warrior

The city of Kyoto is besieged by demons. Its up to you to either bring about Kyoto's destruction, or its victory.

Tags: Roleplaying, Combat, Casual RP, Adventure, Demons

Twisted Tamashi Public 399 14
Aisuru Shimai

Fantasy guild for ninja and samurai Role playing

Tags: fantasy, role play, Accepthing, ninja, samurai

Yuno Nona Humira Public 4 2
The All Cats Crew

All Heroes: Protect the innocents & save the day

Tags: Anime, Animals, Humans

O_Ryoalicious Bluewolf_O Public 1 7
The forbidden Love. : The Aomori Empire. (O/A)

A Empress falls inlove with one special samurai, but her mother and father, picked who she would marry.

Tags: roleplay, japanese, empire, empress, samurai

Mary Bellator Public 5 3
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