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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Gaians of Boston: The Guild

Tags: Boston, Anime Boston, Massachusetts

Eimi Star Private 6,068 413
Keybearer's Guild

A post Kingdom Hearts 2 RP

Tags: Kingdom, Hearts

RealitysDream Private 330 14
☁ Something Wicked ☪{A lit.-Adv. Lit} guild(ACCEPTING)

You Against the world

Tags: Magic, Plot Driven, Witches, Templars, Alchemist

SandyGopher Public 204 10
Soul Eater: The Next Generation

What happened after the main character's turned their weapon's to Death Scythes? They had kids and this is their story.

Tags: Soul Eater, Role Playing, Next, Generation, Kids

Can Ah Duh Private 2,793 9
Salem Magickal Institute

A magical school set in the J.k. Rowling universe, with some american twists.

Tags: Harry Potter, school, drama, action, romance

Setsuna Hawke Public 325 18

the official story board of...

Tags: Ascention, Immortal, Erin, Salem, Alayna

Nathan_Salem Private 74 7
Salem Witches Institute

The American Magical Institute, associated with Hogwarts, Closed but accepting

Tags: Harry Potter, J.K Rowling, Witchcraft, Wizardry, Salem

Akureikami Public 434 6
[The 9 Angelz Guild]{W/ Devi's, Demon's, Humanz, animalz,etc

This is a guild created by the Archangel, Arch. This is a rping guild. You may have to fight fight in this guild. o...O

Tags: Angel, Demon, Roleplay, School, Guild

IXI-Angel-Arch-IXI Public 45 41
Salem Witch trials.

Back then.

Tags: Witch, Worlocks, Salem, Humans, Survival

kenshin kamiya Public 85 12
Twilight Of Time (Still Recruiting!)

Creatures of fantasy are real and Bleach was only a show created from the real thing. A mix of Fantasy creatures and Bleach.

Tags: Bleach, Fantasy, Creatures, Twilight, Time

zeckos33995533 Public 909 85
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