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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

A Sailor Moon Guild

Doriya Private 228 10
Vanilla Bubbles

Here at Vanilla Bubbles, anyone and everyone is welcome. We rp and help one another with a plethora of things. We'd love for you to join us!

Tags: onexone, stories, pictures, advice, roleplaying

little red_xo Public 461 10
Sailor Moon GX

For Sailor Moon role players

Tags: Sailor Moon, Role Play

Eternal Sailor Ice Public 103 21
The Sailor Moon Guild

A guild for those who love Sailor Moon. (Big Fourum RP needs more players).

Tags: Sailor moon, Moon, Roleplay, Anime, Manga

O n y x Public 32,886 5,865
The Idiots In Black

Anything, everything, something that just don't make sense. Btw: We're pirates?

Tags: pirate, anything, ninjas, comedy, roleplaying

x sam i am x Private 41,930 101
Shojo Beat

Romance anime/manga free join ^_~

Tags: Anime, Role Play, Shojo Beat, Manga, Romance

Siera Serenity Star Public 251 308
Crystal Tokyo

A place for fellow Senshi to meet, RP, dicuss and question all about the Sailor Senshi

Tags: Sailor, Moon, Crystal, Tokoyo, Senshi

Stiani Public 52 10
~ Goddess Of The Solar Sytems ~

Welcome To The ultimate Sailor Moon story.Here you will find answers, Or You may be the answers. you could very well lead others

Tags: Sailor Moon, Olympia Gods, Princess Serenity, Moon kIngdom, Manga

II Serena Tsukino II Public 45 28
Mare Serenitatis

a Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon hang-out

Tags: Sailor Moon, anime, manga, otaku hangout

Gizen-Hime Public 33 4
The Art Of Otaku

Love anime? Love manga? Love both? It doesn't matter, please join me and everyone else who loves Role-Play.

Tags: anime, manga, roleplay, anime/manga, anime RP

DarkPsychobunny Public 10 12
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