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Must I wear the leash?

A Master and Pet guild!!!!

Tags: Master, Slave, RolePlay, RPing, Yaoi

iEatedUrStrawberry Public 42,937 526

Freeform RP and general place to hang out!

BlackMN Public 7,891 40
Final Fantasy 8: Aberrance

FF8:Aberrance Alpha. Testing, rp testing till further notice. if you are interested in testing pls message a captain.

Tags: Final Fantasy, Sorcery, Modern, Original Character, Canon Character

Eljhas Private 1,079 15
The Tactics Guild of Gaia

In Hakama we Trust

Tags: Tactics, Manga, Anime, Mythology, Hakama

Mubyou Private 2,257 56
The Official DragonBall Z RP/Fan Guild

RP as Anyone or your own character of DBZ.

Tags: DragonballZ, RPing, Guild, Official, Blaga

ilinks Public 19,433 113
Drama world(king and queen)

This guild is for RPing, talking..anything!

Captain tohru honda Public 10,553 75
~My little Pet~ (Yaoi Master/Slave Rp)

Yaoi, Master/Slave Rping

Tags: Yaoi, Master/Slave, Rping

Keito_Huntsmen Public 143 24
Forever RP: A Literate RP Guild for the Skilled and Learning

For the Experienced to RP, and the Newbs to Learn to RP Properly

Tags: Literate, Skilled, Experienced, Newbie, Training

AmaiKitsune Public 101 14
X-men: Revolution

With the school destroyed and Xavier dead, hope was lost. What will the mutants do now....

Tags: x-men, roleplay, school, powers, Original

ElegantVictiorainRose Public 1,293 10
Sakura no hana academy

Tags: Rping, action, Romance, Ninja, Assasin

Captain Rika Public 14 4
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