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Blank pages, loosely bound (BPLB)

A learn to roleplay guild, with classes and guides. An RP school for Gaians of any level.

Tags: teach, role, play, guide, class

LillianSaire Public 36,632 2,102
Xenos Corps

Military Corps

Tanksmeow Private 25 6
Grand Royal

Tags: Bleach, Eureka, Hitman Reborn, Gundam, Rping

DonBri2 Public 7,698 10
Drop Down to Zero

Alternative D&D RPing, Duel RPing, and Full RPs

Tags: Fighting, Casual, Arena

zerostrikesback Public 78 3
The Great Shinobi War (Naruto Rp)

Years have past since Naruto was alive, and now there will be a change, but will the Shinobi be able to stop it?

Tags: naruto, rping, ninjas, battles

hiraoku13 Private 667 9
Role Play Department

Join us!

Tags: Role, Play, Multi

Reaver428 Private 23 5
The Best Secret Club

Chat & friends!

Tags: Chat, Badgers, Friends, RPing, Funny

Gess Jahd Private 63 4
noot noot duo rping guild

because rping is nice and we dont want to lose everything

Nuko Sullivan Private 96 3
Rae's Basics for Beginners

This is to help two friends learn the basics of coding, rping, etc.

Tags: rp help, basic

Raeillieagh Public 6 3
Night Time Phantom Guild


Tags: Anime, Fantasy, Scifi

PandoraElunes Public 6 3
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