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Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Birth of the New Families [Open!]

The guild is based off of the Series Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Join a Family and enjoy the action and energy in the guild!!!

Tags: Dying Will Flames, Action, Battles, Semi Literate, Literate, Series Based

Gateway Bunny Private 13,553 31
Looking for Love; Fantasy University of Roleplaying

Fantasy University is a wide ranged rp guild based on tolerance of others and new unique rp idea's. Gaia TOS applies.

Tags: University, Fantasy, Roleplaying, Love, Tolerance

Raniala Amora Zyphr Public 602,025 35
The Deserted Guild taki.himora Public 23 6
Famiri-ken Koi Buzoku

A guild to our group

Tags: Friends, Faimly, Rping, fantasy

zeina1 Private 14,553 35
Bleach: Forgotten Prophecy

A Semi-Literate Bleach Guild, all are welcome, RP School inside for beginners

Tags: Shikairu Nara, Bleach, Role-Playing, Ichigo, Anime

Shikairu Nara Private 9,993 11
Live, laugh, Roleplay

Roleplaying for every one

Tags: roleplaying, anime, forfun

Krazy Koony Public 4,556 56
The Yes Homo RPing Guild

A guild for people that are part of the most popular fandoms on tumblr that would like to role play.

Tags: Supernatural, BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Hetalia, Avengers

Oklahomo Public 33 15
Super High School Level Despair

[despair > hope]

Tags: komahina

Skittyface Private 83 6
A Simple Re:Collection

Under construction

Tags: Fantasy, Action, Slice of Life, Romance

Craft_Knight Private 86 4
Let's Role in the Play!

A RP group for any type of RP wanted :3

Tags: yaoi/yuri, 1x1 RP, roleplay, master and slave, active

Kureo-Kyoku Public 6 2
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