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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
+ ..::Trilla Nation::.. +

Fresh dressed, got to have swag or class man, can't walk out here lookin trash, Keep it Trilla!

Tags: Loyalty, Swag/Class, Respect, Trilla Royalty, Creativity

-I- QL -I- Public 176 212
World of Elleria and Planet Unitron

An Open Ended rp guild. Post when you can, don't worry when you can't.

Tags: Elleria, Unitron, Dragonball Z, Roleplay, Vampire Game

Sweet Vi Public 34 10
~Bubble tea Cafe~ [closed for now]

"Welcome Back ,Master/Mistress!" "would you like to have dinner now?" "how about dessert too!" Well come on in! we have all that and more!

Tags: Maid, cafe, butler, cute, kawaii

black butler 9 Public 147 28
♝-Rebellious ties-♝

Guild of Rp, for seven different realms/kingdoms.

Tags: Fantasy, Royalty, Rebellion, Magic, Fable

Angelic Nicolette Public 231 12
The Ultimate Alliance;A Castle RP Guild U/C

This guild is for my friends(and to make new ones) to come and be happy,celebrate,chat or lend a helping hand to fellow members.

Tags: friends, celebrate, role play, royalty, family

J-beastt Public 380 5
Royalty of Chaos

a manor role playing guild where you can be anything or one

Tags: manor, vampires, romance, clans, role playing

Jaci Moon Public 60 2
Rich Nigga Royalty [RNR]

Only The Real Ass Niggas Join

Tags: Rich, Donating, Royalty, Real, Family

GB-Yung Gunz Public 3 10
Bloody Shadows, Act I (An Azura SH. RP guild)

In a peaceful city, two powerful factions go head to head in a battle for supremacy.

Tags: combat, powers, adventure, future, survival

Kura_no_okami Private 10 7
Last Kings

Queens and Kings should stand together

Tags: Respect, Pride, Loyalty, Wise, Love

Flawless Tenzin Public 28 15
Princess Of The World/Universe Owners

For users who own a potw or potw to hang out and talk.

Annebreakable Public 1 11
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