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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Oh, The Irony

An Rp about defective experiments that have an.... Ironic.... quality to them.

Tags: Supernatural, Experiments, Roleplaying, Scientists

SafyreChaos Public 924 17
A Drowning Paradise - Saving Eden [O/A]

A Fantasy/Royalty RP

Tags: Eden, Paradise, Fantasy, Royalty

Poisonous Adventure Public 1,109 9
Dawn of a New Era

A kingdom role play about gaiaonline. Inside of this mysterious land, darkness has plagued, and left the people of gaia in fear.

Tags: Role play, Kingdom, Gaia, Magic, Romance

Serenity Code Public 484 5

When Legendary Pokemon assume control, how does it play out?

Tags: Pokemon, Gijinka, Royalty, City, Role Play

Starr Elf Public 446 14
Kyūketsuki Academy (Vampire Academy) (Dead)

a guild for potential Vampire Roleplayers

Tags: Vampires, Romance, Roleplay, Blood, More

Ahn Sun Young Public 77 6
Banyez Ghost Guild

We are people that help banyez becuz im prince keroro

Tags: Ghost, spirit, ghoul, afterlife, undead

Keroro Banyez Public 2 1
Loc Mafia

Crips blue from the feet up.

Tags: Crip nation, Loc Loyalty, Royalty, Keep it Craccin cuz, Mafia

-I- QL -I- Private 63 51
School Of Guardianship and Royalty

Tags: Power, Role Play, Super Natural

xXSpecial_SnowFlakexX Public 17 3
Vampire Of The Bloody Blue Star

Bloody Blue Star

Tags: Bloody star, blue star, Vampire Bloody, Vampire Star, Bloody blue

Lillica-Snow Public 3 10

Tags: Create, Fantasy, Medieval, Magic, Story

Ellagant Fox Public 16 4
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