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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
R.R.R. Family (Rich,Royal,Real)

A family that royal and real live by the code.

Tags: Family, Royalty, Real

King Wess Public 634 137
Academy Royale (Open/Accepting)

A Semi-Lit to Literate Academy RP for Royalty and Nobility

Tags: Princess, Prince, School, Literate, Action

AJKline Private 11,232 12
Save Me Or Slave Me~

This is a Master x Slave roleplay guild. A semi-lit. to adv. literate guild.

Tags: roleplay, master, slave, romance, pets

I Luves You x3 Public 1,692 13
Royalty of Gaia

royal anything really. like royal: kings, queens, vampires, emperors etc.

soul_weaver17 Private 9,276 55
Shamhna: Halloween Island

An island where the creatures of Halloween live in peace

Tags: Halloween, vampire, royalty, secret society

Pikachu Nerd226 Public 4,525 14
MidNight Academy: for the Supernatural (under construction)

MidNight Academy where all types of Creatures of the dark and light are welcome

Tags: Academy, Paranormal, straight, anime, LGBT

Lady Tragic Public 4,363 8
Cheshire's Storage Co.

Why are you here child?

Tags: Next-Chapter, Vampire, Bloodshed, Royalty, Role-Play

Narcissistic Nihilist Public 380 5
Deviant Nightmare Clan

A Requiem for Vampire Lovers

Tags: Vampire, Royalty, Guardian, Assassin, Deviants

Vampire--Lord--Shuichi Public 22 5
Land of Ooo

This is an Adventure Time based role play guild with loads of fun junk! If you are an Adventure Time fan, then this might be for you!

Tags: Adventure Time, Roleplaying, Mathmatical, Land of Ooo

SnowScarlet Private 449 28
The Royal Kingdom of Gaia

Any kind of roleplaying that has to do with royalty

Tags: Roleplaying, Royalty, Kingdom, Princess, Literate

Cordelia Goode Public 29 2
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