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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Save Me Or Slave Me~

This is a Master x Slave roleplay guild. A semi-lit. to adv. literate guild.

Tags: roleplay, master, slave, romance, pets

I Luves You x3 Public 1,695 13
Unum: The One World

Travel the known world; court royalty, unite kingdoms, befall empires & change or destroy the Known World as you see fit. Welcome.

Tags: Magic, Fantasy, demons, dragons, monsters

Written Oni Public 135 10
Axo..:::~~~***Tidal Wave***~~~:::..oxA ~J Royalty~ Public 26,406 192
Sword & Sorcery

a place you can go for an entertaining Rp filled with magic and mystery

Tags: Magic, royalty, Roleplay, Sword, action

Sword and Sorcery Private 6,957 26
Nablei Kingdom

Biographies and stories of my characters.

Tags: Castle, Kingdom, Royalty, Demons, Original

Porcelain Toilet Public 5 1
Blankenburg: Heroes

The guild for the good guys of Blankenburg.

Tags: royalty, monarchy, kingdom, Blankenburg, Good

Blankenburg Private 7 6
Bleach: Rising Insanity

A non-cannon average to advanced Bleach RP Guild with a stat system that enables scenarios such as combat to go exactly like in the anime.

Tags: Shinigami, Hollow, Naruto, One Piece, Manga

Xander Hallows Public 7 1
Carry Me Away

An Arranged Marriage Role Play that has do with Royal Families in a Ancient Asian Setting.

Tags: Asian, Relationship, Royalty, Love, Drama

Yongyuan Ai Ni Public 8 1
Royal Paw Party

A hangout for all of those royal Paws out there!

Tags: Paws, Royalty, Princess, Prince, Animal

Fawn Faline Private 7 2
PrincessPrince ( Role Play)

Welcome Princess and or Princes

Tags: Prince, Princess, Royalty, Role Playing, Castle

-i-Is-Sensitive- Public 15 6
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