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Results for "Rosario Vampire"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
~*~Kagome's Role Play Society~*~ Kagome Higurashi-Miko Public 311 12
* ANIME FAN GUILD * Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Vampire Kni 8-I-AM-L-8 Private 39 13
Always Anime mr-peanut-lord Public 20 7
Rosario+Vampire......... YOUKAI ACADAMY Amazon_wrestler_Amy Public 110 12
The Newspaper Club Zolast Public 179 15
Circle Moonlight - An all-around RPG Guild Xamthia Public 45 3
Rosario Vampire Roleplaying Guild XxZero_Night_WishxX Public 14 3
ΦGui AnamineΦ

The Guild For Anime And Rock Music Lovers

Tags: anime, rock music, manga, yaoi, yuri

anarchyfeind Public 22 30
Bleach Vs. Rosario + Vampire

This is a guild for RPing people similar to Bleach and Rosario + Vampire

Tags: Bleach, Rosario, Vampire

demoniclord1234 Private 20 5
Gothic Dream

A guild that is created to be a guild YOU mold, as long as you have a dark sense of humor.

Tags: Goth, Vampire, Manga, Anime, Music

BVB4LIFE_Miyuki Public 21 20
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