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Results for "Rosario Vampire"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Rosario Vampire Fanclub (Original)

RV fanclub. Rp's Contests and Other Manga games and anime.

Tags: Rosario, Vampire, Tsukune, Mizore, Moka

Vayne Hashiba Private 1,522 195
Eternal Slumber- A Roleplay Guild

this guild is for roleplayers that love animes

Tags: Anime, Full Metal Alchemist, Bakugan, Final Fantasy

Gemini Aces Public 202 8
Youkai High (A Rosario + Vampire RP Guild)

A fun and active guild if you like Demons, Vampires, or Rosario + Vampire.

Tags: Youkai, Demon, Vampire, Role Playing, Rosario

~Cha~rly~ Private 14,065 55
Rosario+Vampire fan club Priates12 Public 131 40
Otaku Squad 7 guild

This is for all anime lovers

Tags: anime, manga, Rosario vampire, negima, otaku

xSleeplessZombiex Public 653 37
The Youkai Academy

A school for monsters, demons and spirits!

Tags: manga, Rosario+Vampire, group, anime, fantasy

Fallen Ghoul Public 156 1
Rosario+Vampire((RP GULID))

Only join if interested in this anime series or if you so dare ;)

Tags: Rosario+Vampire, Role Play, Anime, Romance, Action

oOBrightShadowsOo Public 174 7
All is fair in love and war

A Rosario+vampire roleplay

Tags: rosario+vampire, demon, monster, vampire, school

caster-kun Public 10 2
Yokai Academy: Rise of Leviathan

a twisted rosario vampire guild

Tags: Yokai, rosario, roleplay, active, kamui

Kagimaru Jared Private 133 1
Kick Ass Anime

Tags: tsubasa, chobits, xxxHolic, vocoloid, rosario vampire

Akuma Homura Public 85 11
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