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Welcome to Yokai!! ( A Rosario Vampire RP)

Yokai Academy, is a school for monters!

ComradetheMedic Public 1,713 33
Kemono Academy

A school for monsters of all kinds!!!

Tags: Vampire, Rosario, Demon, School, role play

Dreamy Mora Private 907 18
youkai academy(rosario vampire rpg)

a school type enviorment for monsters

Tags: rosario, vampire, anime, school, monster

Xxcrimson-reaper-tenkaxX Private 44,241 88
Yokai Academy: A New Era Begins (Closed)

base on the anime Rosario + Vampire

Tags: Yokai, Tsukune, role play, Moka

Yamamoto_Hitsugaya Private 518 14
Lez Role Play of anime's

Just sit back and enjoy the fun

Tags: Role play, anime, contest, naruto, sell

Silver Lust Demon Public 2,320 31
Yokai Academy Tokyo

This guild is for monsters who want to coexist with the humans.

Tags: Monsters, Humans, Yokai Academy, Rosario+Vampire

iix-Hug me Public 40 5
Official Rosario+Vampire guild.

Like Rosario+Vampire? Then you'll love this guild! Come talk and hang with others who love the series! See ya there capu chu!!

Tags: Rosario+Vampire, Rosario, Vampire, Yokai, Monster

Killer_Neko21 Public 41 24
Yokai Academy for Digidestined and Meisters

The school for monsters, weapons, meisters and digimon

Tags: Rosario+Vampire, Soul Earter, Digimon, Vampire, Weapon

Lux Vintar Private 607 7
NekoPrincess101's Rosario + Vampire Yokai Acadamy School

It is about Rosario + Vampire and Yokai Acadamy

Tags: Rosario Vampire, Moka, Rosario Vampire Capu2, Anime, NekoPrincess

NekoPrincess101 Public 2 2
Yokai Academy

A school for monsters

Tags: rosario vampire, yokai academy, love, fighting, role playing

II Kimihiro Watanuki II Public 2 3
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