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The World of Arda [T]he [O]thers Private 43,089 12
Gaian King of the Ring Tournament...FINALS ARE NAO!!!

Do you have what it takes to win the annual Gaian King of the Ring tournament?

Tags: E-Wrestling, Role-play, Politic-Free

The_Glass_House Private 726 17
Naruto: Rise of Oujou

Who's side will you choose? Power or Peace?

Tags: Naruto, Role play

Daehuac Private 4,165 18
DMS Defeaters!

DMS Training

Tags: DeadMan's Shadow

Narissah Private 345 112
Five Rings U//C

A serious Roleplay Guild for a Faction-Oriented Science Fiction Setting, PFull of SPace combat, politics, espionage, romance, and more.

Tags: Combat and Politics, Science Fiction, Factions, Detailed, Space Travel

Kovahl Norzaar Private 14 8
FireTeam O.D.I.N

We are the true defenders of our galaxy. The true soldiers of justice and honor. We are those assembled in unity to save the world.

Tags: O.D.I.N

Aedan Cross Public 4 2
The Wolves of War

All Wolves, Battle Wolves, We all fight all for one and one for all. We are the Guardians of the Realms. Elite Soldier Wolves.

Tags: Wolf, Roleplay, Elite, Guardian, Animated

Slavin Novaken Public 6 7
P e n o y G u i l d {PH}

Pinoy Guild To All Filipino's :)) , Sali na at Mag Saya! Isang Kalakohan na Guild

Tags: Pinoy, Philippines, Happiness, Kalokohan, Friendly

Lievi Public 7 17
Element Pixies!

Tags: Fantasy, Adventure, Quest

BiancaorKyle Public 16 11
Refuge for the Lost, Broken and Sorrowful

A place where all the people who feel they aren't loved can run from their demons.

Tags: refuge, angels, demons, roleplay, depressed

xXx-l-Cloud Jumper-l-xXx Public 5 1
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