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Elroia's Revolution

Elroia, previously known as The United States of America before the Apocalypse, is at war with itself. Who will rise? Who will fall?

Tags: Wars, Adventure, Post-Apocalypse, Role play, Pirates

Whispering_Lovely Public 441 6
Guilds Guild (Recruitment Center)

Here you can advertise your own guild

Tags: random, rping, literate, book, fans

Inari Lugria Public 32 25
The Ne'erdowells Organization

U/C Vampire/Business

Tags: Literate, Vampire, business, mafia, fantasy

SinkingLower Public 11,615 5
Foxy Revolution

We are the foxy revolution, we fight against the tyranny of the human race and they're ilk. Join us and thwart the Foxy oppression..

B1663R Private 918 10
NEW GOTHIC REVOLUTION - Electro/Industrial/EBM/Dark Tech...

NEW GOTHIC REVOLUTION is the guild for lovers of the New Gothic culture and its music

Tags: Gothic, Industrial, Electro, Goth, Noize

Electrosexual-X Private 4 5

To END all noob cybering, and to bring peace to Gaia.

Tags: Guild, Nexus, Ensure, Gaian, Revolution

Ohh Glamorous Public 29 4
Rurouni Kenshin: A new Battōsai rises

Rurouni Kenshin

Tags: Rurouni Kenshin, Tokyo, Action, Passion, Death

A Pokemon Jar Private 1,956 22
You're Beautiful!!

You're beautiful, no matter what!

Tags: Beauty, Perfections, Love, Express yourself, Creativity

artblockalways Public 5 1
Pokemon World Center

Specialies In a World Wide Trading Center, and team battles.

Tags: pokemon, trading, battling, trading center, games

i Ky i Public 159 26
United German Military

This military is established to protect the country of Germany and to serve and help its alliances.

Tags: FxApoc Reborn, Semper Fi USMC, MEU_Grit, Military, Army

MPD_Grit Private 10 3
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