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Rebellious Revolution

Are you a rebel?

Tags: Fresh, Class, Rebels, Dope, Brethrens

Obviously A Girl Private 271 48
Giga Slave!

A slayers anime fan gulid. Join if you like the anime! ^-^

Tags: slayers, anime, lina inverse, giga slave, roleplay

Complicated Personalities Public 1,983 86
Spirits of the Earth

Native American Animal Spirits

Tags: Native American, Animal Spirits, Role Play

Royal_Jester89 Private 31 3
► Shattered Roads: The Legend of Adrastia ◄

It's time to face your fate - the time for running has ended.

Tags: Post-Apocalyptic, Revolution, Paranormal, Rebellion, Dystopia

Laoise Mikucki Public 204 4
The City of Revolution

A place where people are subdued and the greedy rule.

Tags: Revolution

Shifting Fool Public 1,594 11
"The Underground"

The fight for the forgotten

Tags: Roleplaying, Zomg

TheTearCollecter Public 45 24
Animal Hybrids

Welcome to the World of Life Death and Human Experimenting!!

Tags: Maximum Ride, Hybrids, Surviving, Teamwork, Revolution

Bunny Noiz Public 117 3
Torture's Beginning

A semi-lit roleplaying guild based on the Hunger Games trilogy.

Tags: Hunger Games, Fight, Catching Fire, MockingJay, Roleplay

asdfghjkl123asdkma Private 26 4
Deus Ex: Human Uprising

Sci-fi Roleplay guild in the Deus Ex universe. Other genres to come.

Tags: Deus Ex, Sci-fi, Role playing, augmentation, futuristic

Jynx_of_Spades Public 9 2
Anti S.W.A.G Revolution


Tags: S.W.A.G, revolution

Kristianorsomething Public 3 6
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