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Results for "Revolution"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Official Guy Fawkes Day & Bonfire Night Guild Guy Fawkes Himself Public 1,278 115
Giga Slave!

A slayers anime fan gulid. Join if you like the anime! ^-^

Tags: slayers, anime, lina inverse, giga slave, roleplay

Complicated Personalities Public 1,983 86
Animal Hybrids

Welcome to the World of Life Death and Human Experimenting!!

Tags: Maximum Ride, Hybrids, Surviving, Teamwork, Revolution

Bunny Noiz Public 117 3
Spirits of the Earth

Native American Animal Spirits

Tags: Native American, Animal Spirits, Role Play

Royal_Jester89 Private 31 3
► Shattered Roads: The Legend of Adrastia ◄

It's time to face your fate - the time for running has ended.

Tags: Post-Apocalyptic, Revolution, Paranormal, Rebellion, Dystopia

Laoise Mikucki Public 204 4
The City of Revolution

A place where people are subdued and the greedy rule.

Tags: Revolution

Shifting Fool Public 1,594 11
Rhythm Gaming

We smash arrows and hit buttons to the beat of our favorite songs. Come check us out for all of your rhythm gaming needs!

Tags: StepMania, FlashFlashRevolution, IIDX, BeatMania, PopnMusic

RiotFinger Public 183 29
Deus Ex: Human Uprising

Sci-fi Roleplay guild in the Deus Ex universe. Other genres to come.

Tags: Deus Ex, Sci-fi, Role playing, augmentation, futuristic

Jynx_of_Spades Public 9 2
Anti S.W.A.G Revolution


Tags: S.W.A.G, revolution

Kristianorsomething Public 3 6
TAR™ The Apocalyptic Revolution - Original Guild-

A uprising guild, Open for recruitment. TAR™ The Apocalyptic Revolution

Tags: Reborn, Strong, Rising, RolePlay, Military

TAR_Element Private 2 3
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