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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Giga Slave!

A slayers anime fan gulid. Join if you like the anime! ^-^

Tags: slayers, anime, lina inverse, giga slave, roleplay

Complicated Personalities Public 1,983 86
Illegal Immigrants & Mommy Issues Guild

Therapy Session

Tags: Illegal, Immigrants, Mommy, Mother, Issues

NeverEvaPlz Private 1 1
Straightedge Youth ✘✘✘

Gaian ✘✘✘ crew come together for our passion of values and music ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Tags: straight edge, pop punk, post hardcore, hardcore, metal

Lord Penguin Pants Public 4 1
Demon Revolution R.P.G. Cross Abimyss Bloodbane Private 3,221 13
The Official Guy Fawkes Day & Bonfire Night Guild Guy Fawkes Himself Public 1,278 115
Revolution 6

the revolution has started take up arms and join the fight

Tags: resistance, military, army, zomg, revolution 6

simeon xanthias Public 10 5
► Shattered Roads: The Legend of Adrastia ◄

It's time to face your fate - the time for running has ended.

Tags: Post-Apocalyptic, Revolution, Paranormal, Rebellion, Dystopia

Laoise Mikucki Public 204 4
Rhythm Gaming

We smash arrows and hit buttons to the beat of our favorite songs. Come check us out for all of your rhythm gaming needs!

Tags: StepMania, FlashFlashRevolution, IIDX, BeatMania, PopnMusic

RiotFinger Public 183 29
Perfect War

Humans battle abominations against nature.

Tags: Future, Battle, Revolution, fighting, Mecha

Twisted Tamashi Public 169 5
TAR™ The Apocalyptic Revolution - Original Guild-

A uprising guild, Open for recruitment. TAR™ The Apocalyptic Revolution

Tags: Reborn, Strong, Rising, RolePlay, Military

TAR_Element Private 2 3
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