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Shibusen - A Soul Eater RP

Shibusen (A.K.A.=Death Weapon Meister Academy), Souls, School, Fighting, Love, Hate, Adventure,

Tags: Soul Eater, DWMA, School, Teachers,, Students, Others, Weapons,, Meisters, Love, Hate, Friendship

Shadowfire Rynn Public 960 33
[The Rift: Denizens of Flesh]

[Unrelated to the Games]Semi-Lit and up RP with supernatural elements focused on character development and adventure.

Tags: Drama, Fights, Character Growth, Superpowers, Adventure

Feiyimei Private 1,236 7
Cardfight!! Vanguard

For all things Cardfight!! Vanguard.

Tags: Cardfight!!, Vanguard, Aichi, Sendou

lordbluestar Public 134 57

This is the Guild of Friends; Where special Events and Magic come to life!

Tags: Exquisite, Equis, Friends, Events, Ryu-X

Kyu Shizukana Private 34 18
The Elite Shinobi {OPEN & ACCEPTING}

A fun and uprising Naruto based guild that has a wonderful plot and is filled with great characters!

Tags: Naruto, Elite, Shinobi, Jutsu, Chakra

Werekaiser Public 1,585 45
Divergence: Factions United

Choose Now!

Tags: Choices, Factions, Romance, Divergent, RolePlay

BurningCapitol Public 582 22
~ Hikari Academy ~

Welcome to Hikari Academy! An all boys school basically in control by the lovely student council! Become a student and fine out what awaits~

Tags: anime, yaoi, students, role play, academy

SnowScarlet Public 431 21
The Gaian Select

Welcome to the Gaian Select, where the Select are...well say...selected

Tags: Roleplay, stories, contests, discussion, selective

river rocker Private 8 2
Second to None

Seen with Pride, Surrounded by Family, and Bound by Honor

Tags: Second, None, Pride, Family, Honor

Mr Beyond Private 34 13
Cutie Kawaii Club!

Come join the others!

Tags: Cute, Anime, Party, Chat, Friends

Summa-chan Public 1 3
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