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Results for "Relaxing"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Hogwarts: Magic and Mischief (Under Construction)

A Harry Potter AU

Tags: Hogwarts, Wizard, Witch, Harry Potter

9 O_Clubs Private 2,002 8
Friends RP Guild Red Gypsy Private 877 18
The Misfit Role Players

A just-for-fun roleplaying guild for all skill levels.

Tags: semi-literate, literate, illiterate, roleplay, anything

Piovra Public 2,289 26
..::Secret Garden::..

Tags: rolplay, relax

KeikoYami25 Private 142 1
The Cat's Pajamas: A Hangout Guild

A hangout where you can make friends and win prizes!

Tags: Hangout, Prizes, Games, Friends, Meet New People

IchigoNeko23 Private 92 46

Roleplay, relaxation, general chatter

Tags: Fantasy, Roleplay, General

Karn Maeshalanadae Private 169 17
Stay Close: The Rise of the End.

Are you willing to make friends and form alliances to survive?

Tags: zombies, roleplay, conversation, prizes, contests

All Quiet Public 26 5
Kingom of Element's Roleplay

A kingdom of those who desire a place in this kingdom

Tags: Love, Power, Trust, Honor

Princess Suyuki Public 4 5
Bringers of Tranquility

Laid Back

Seraph Bot Public 7 13

Gaians in college or about to be...

Tags: college, school, exams, mid-terms, class of

TricksterCordilliaBennet Public 2 1
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