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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Gotham City - The Online RolePlay

A Community of various Roleplays all occuring around the storyline of Batman. Room for OC's accepted.

Tags: Gotham City, Batman, Role Play, DC Comics, Community

Agent Aaron King Public 3,743 10
The Role Players Guild UNIVERSE! (under reconstruction)

An R.P. guild where you can play any kind of hero or even a villain

Tags: Action, Adventure, Anime, Games, Role Play

Marcus Emrys Public 4,648 36
Bleach: Rise of the Lost (Reconstructing for Reboot)

A new bleach world, with new races, and plenty of options as to where you RP

Lanfaer Private 4,017 7
elementalis Celeste of Heofon Private 3,884 13
Random Anime Raids [under reconstruction]

Tags: Role Playing, Anime, Common interests, Entertainment, Discussion

KairiHikairi Public 544 7
American Wrestling Grand Prix (Under Re-Construction)

Tags: wrestling

sweetbutnosoinnocent Public 1,017 2
Vampyrum Spectrum and Company

A guild serving as a private gathering space for the former members of the Vampire Brotherhood. Closed for renovation.

Tags: sanctuary, undead, vampire, brotherhood, roleplay

Zela Nightbreeze Private 3,056 18
The Dark Elf Yuri Movement

Tags: dark elf, night elf, lesbian, yuri, shoujo ai

Hexaris Private 2,194 2
Michiyo Academy

A school made for those who were mutated, but stayed alive.

Tags: Academy, Romance, Role play, Mutants

Stefan Lee Salvatore Private 4,386 4
The Guild Of Hero's

Respectable People

Tags: Friends, General Discussion, General Help, Guild Shop / Selling

DemiNosufur-atuOPhiuchus Public 164 8
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