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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Hodge Podge Polls & Chat ++HPPC++ grapeseed Public 4,394 84

A guild for role plays of all types.

Tags: role play, rping, Imagination, fantasy, action

Stefisgarden Private 1,075 15
Kingdom Hearts: The Way to Ruin (Accepting)

A war has been waged for the power that lies behind the door to Kingdom Hearts. Protect it, or use it for evil.

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Fighting/Combat, Love/Romance, Roleplaying, Keyblade

TheBurritoBandit Private 33 3
~Because We Can~

A guild for various things. (Invite, or approval only)

Tags: because, we can, invite, everything, anything

Stereotypically Unique Public 13 2
(under reconstruction)0 chaostempist Public 108 7
Yukashima Academy: The Guild

This is the guild for the roleplay "Yukashima Academy: A School for All Species"

Tags: Supernatural, Yukashima, Community, School, Academy

Vocaloid Dejiko Higurashi Private 16 4
Dragon Age Roleplay Guild -Temporarily Closed-

Warden or Crow, Qunari or Dwarf, Mage or Templar, your destiny awaits you here.

Tags: Dragon Age, Roleplay, Fantasy, Bioware, Magic

Dione Nightly Public 6,836 19
EndlessFantasy: A Literate Yaoi Roleplay Guild

Under construction

Tags: literate, Yaoi, romance

lost-silent-star Public 4,942 45

The New World

Lluxdra Private 289 42
Final Fantasy: Tactical Adventure

The Fun Style of Final Fantasy with a spot of Tactics added ^_^

Tags: Role-Play, Final Fantasy, Tactics, Tabletop, Dice

kine012 Public 1,801 20
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