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The Tre Cool Minority


Tags: 21st Century Breakdown, American Idiot, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Kerplunk

Fillette Rance Public 1,307 114
The G.F.H.C

We're a guild built for acting crazy, hugging people, and blaring loud music on our radio. =D

Tags: Hugs, Radio, contests, crazy, people

HoppingTurkey Public 13,087 64
Demonic Tools: A literate fantasy RP

does it really need one?

Zero Cousland Public 4 1
Breaking Dawn High

Come Find Out, We don't bite!

Tags: Romance, Love, Non Anime, Academy, Role Playing

xXx Forever_Black xXx Public 309 11
Soshified Guild: Girl's Generation

A gaia online soshified

Tags: SNSD, kpop, shinee, music

Amazingerify Public 30 18
run faster

think you can out smart the undead... or will you just out run them?

Tags: survival, zombies

sephiroth48415 Public 91 4
♫♪♩♬ InDio Radio (Independent Radio) ♫♪♩♬

Spreading the joy of music from bands that have potential!

Tags: Independent Radio, Bands, World, Music, InDio Radio

InDio Radio Public 31 9
Jet Set Future

Jet Set/Air Gear Roleplay, Semi Literate

Tags: Jet Set Radio, Resistance, Hip Hop, Air Gear, Roleplay

xSanitariumx Private 105 3
Cabin Pressure/SuperWhoLock/Merlin

A guild for people who want to RP Cabin Pressure and SuperWhoLock

Tags: superwholock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Cabin Pressure

Sky-Captain Crieff Public 11 3
Warrenville - A Roleplay Setting for TLN

post-apocalyptic; Roleplay, TLN

Tags: Lucky Noodle, Roleplay, Warrenville

Roserain Public 7 1
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