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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
*meow* the rAwRzzz-ness guild ^_^

Tags: random, rawr, poop, chat, friends

lonlygreenbubblefairy Public 8,993 19

Can You Say 'Rawr'? :3

Tags: Scene, Music, Dinosaurs, Rawr, Psh Yeah!

Prunzuz Public 99 38
Tearz of Wolfz

Tags: be nice, no expelling, no swearing, have fun!!!!!!!, RaWr!!!!!!!!!

Accusationss Public 11 18
Haro Academy

Will darkness take hold of this school and all in it? Will the light shine through? Only you can decide!

Tags: Romance, School, Anime, Academy

ii Flandre Scarlet ii Public 682 13
T.A.A. The Animal Army RAWR!

This guild is only for animals sorry! If ur an animal and wants to pee on some ppl join this guild!!!

Tags: animal, army, rawr, fight, humans

II Shmexi_Muffin II Public 18 38
ii Rawr ii

this guild is for people who wants to be a rawr.

Tags: ii Rawr thn u ii, Rawr leader, ii Rawr Taco ii, xx_mr prototyp_xx

x-Honest Public 2 19
War of The Worlds: Toxic Rain

The enslavement of the human race and the war for our freedom. This is a survival guild.

Tags: aliens, humans, survival, toxic, rain

Cannibal Lust Public 26 7
Casual roleplay

To have fun and roleplay...

Tags: roleplaying, casual, hang out, chat

x Katsurou x Public 2 1
The scarlet Lotus

the best girls only lesbian and bi-sexual hangout

Tags: lesbian, girls only, cyber, cyb3r, bi-sexual

Epic_Hilda Private 1 2
R.P.G.~ Random People Guild!!!!!

Randoms people come here! This guild is for everything!

Tags: Random, Unspecific

Monster_Munchkin757 Public 25 8
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