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ii Rawr ii

this guild is for people who wants to be a rawr.

Tags: ii Rawr thn u ii, Rawr leader, ii Rawr Taco ii, xx_mr prototyp_xx

x-Honest Public 2 18
Warriors: Eternal Stars

A place where Warriors and Roleplaying merge together. Come join if you love Warriors and love to Roleplay!

Tags: Warriors, Cats, Roleplaying, Clans, Animals

Yesterdays_Past Public 2,445 24
*meow* the rAwRzzz-ness guild ^_^

Tags: random, rawr, poop, chat, friends

lonlygreenbubblefairy Public 8,993 19

Can You Say 'Rawr'? :3

Tags: Scene, Music, Dinosaurs, Rawr, Psh Yeah!

Prunzuz Public 99 38
Haro Academy

Will darkness take hold of this school and all in it? Will the light shine through? Only you can decide!

Tags: Romance, School, Anime, Academy

ii Flandre Scarlet ii Public 682 13
Domination Wrestling[let the bodies hit tha flow]

let the bodies hit the flow


Nila Lockheart Public 125 65
Ties that Bind ~OPEN/ACCEPTING~

This is a master/slave guild for any species

Tags: master slave, ties that bind, animal, supernatural, orhpanage

Yuishia Private 294 12
The scarlet Lotus

the best girls only lesbian and bi-sexual hangout

Tags: lesbian, girls only, cyber, cyb3r, bi-sexual

Epic_Hilda Private 1 2
R.P.G.~ Random People Guild!!!!!

Randoms people come here! This guild is for everything!

Tags: Random, Unspecific

Monster_Munchkin757 Public 25 8
The Midnight Café

Basic storyline of The Midnight Café and any roleplaying involved.

Tags: Midnight Café, Mire Blanche, Nights, Silver, Rawr

Abmie Private 6 5
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